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Is Wordpress Good For Professional Websites in 2019 ?

Is Wordpress Good for Professsionals Website

WordPress is best open source PHP CMS used by bloggers. Wordpress is owned and hosted online by Automattic.

In this article we have oulined why Is Wordpress Good For Professional Websites in 2019 ? .

WordPress is the best Content Management System. Due to its rich features, easy customization facilities, intuitive UI, accessibility and popularity, wordpress is good blogging platform.

WordPress has remained the first choice of developers and WordPress is also a platform that holds 59% market share for CMS on websites and 32% of all the websites on the Internet, including those without CMS or with a custom coded CMS worldwide.

Top 10 Reasons Why Is WordPress Good for Professional Websites Development in 2019

1. User-Friendly CMS and Easy to Customize

WordPress can be used by anyone with zero coding knowledge and technical experience.

Due to a simple user interface, easy to understand options and the basic functionalities anyone can set up a basic WordPress site.

Using Wordpress it is very easy to create page or post. Edit text, customize URL, publish on web, add new post can be done with click of a button.

It is easy to paste text from a Microsoft word documents into a WordPress site that makes the task of website creation and maintenance super easy.


Is Wordpress Good for Professsionals Website

2. Add-ons Availability on Wordpress

Add-Ons or Plugins are piece of software having pre defined functions that can be added to a WordPress website to achieve certain functionality.

WordPress site can easily be set up by using paid or free Wordpress plugins like document management , custom filed builder, asset management, gravity form, inventory management, SMS notification etc .

WordPress has thousands of free plugins , written in the PHP programming language, which can integrate seamlessly with WordPress. These Add-Ons makes WordPress sites amazingly customizable and extensible.


Wordpress Add Ons

3. Simple Mobile Optimization

Most WordPress themes are optimized for mobile devices . They are all responsive to fit into any screen size.

If you have a responsive WordPress theme, the important feature optimization like website design, image scaling will naturally happen for mobile devices without extra coding.

So, using WordPress themes and plugins, it is very easy to create a mobile-friendly website no matter the screen size.

Search engines like Google tends to improve ranking of websites which are mobile optimized and responsive on all major device.

So this article helps you to learn why is wordpress good for professional websites


 Wordpress is Mobile Optimized

4. High Level of Security

Google blacklists over 10,000+ websites every single day for malware, security and around 50,000 for phishing every week.

Wordpress has web application firewall and you can easily move your site to SSL/HTTPS with click of a button.

WordPress development team puts a higher focus on website security by introducing security and maintenance releases along with each new version.

In addition, there are excellent security plugins online that will not just boost your website security but will monitor a website to find flaws in the safety of your site too.

Regular updates to both the interface and plugins help keep your business information safe, and keep your website secure..


5. SEO Friendly

As you know that there are no meaning of your product, services, and website if your clients are unable to find you on the search engine.

Search engine optimization is becoming more important to boost your online presence.

By using WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast Plugin you can make each post and page SEO friendly by including meta-data, page descriptions, rich snippets and many more.

WordPress also work well with your website analytics to provide you accurate and new updates on how your website is performing.

Wordpress Yoast SEO Plugin

6. Great Community Support

There is a huge community of support for WordPress users for tutorials, knowledge development, and troubleshooting

If you face any problems to develop a WordPress website then there are a number of people in the support forums ready to help out.

Larage number of wordpress forums and community are there where people can reach out just in case they run into any challenge or issues

Wordpress Community

7. Proper HTML Markup

WordPress creates HTML pages automatically which are easily crawlable by search engines like Google. All latest wordpress themes have even started to take advantage of HTML5 and the changes it brings.

  • Easy Wordpress Speed Optmization
  • Worddpress Websites are quick to load on any browsers like chrome. All HTML, CSS and Javascript files are optmimized for quick loading.

    It is easy to compress HTML, CSS, Javascript and Images on Wordpress using Plugins and GZIP compressors

    Search Engines like Google penalize slow loading websites and award sites which are quick to load and enhance user engagement.

    Qucik loading sites are assumed to rank high on search engine result page. You can use tools like GTMatrix and Google Page Insight to optmize your site and fix any issue with code.

    Wordpress Speed Optmization: GT Matrix
    Wordpress Speed Optmization

    8. Social Media Integration

    WordPress offers plenty of solutions for social media integration like Jetpack sharing, SumoMe etc.

    Search Engines take social signals into account when ranking your site.

    More you share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, higher your website will rank in Google as well.

    Wordpress Social Media Integration
    Worpress Social Media Integration

    9. Wordpress Images Optimization

    WordPress editor allows users to optimize images with ALT tags,file-size, descriptions, and much more..

    Besides there are many wordpress plugins for image optimization like reSmush.it, EWWW Image Optimizer etc

    The points listed above will help you to know if wordpress is good for professional websites?

    Image Optmization in Wordpress
    Worpress Image Optmization

    What are the benefits of using Wordpress for Professional Websites ?

    • Wordpress is used by 30 Million Web Page creators
    • Of top million web pages reviewed by Alexa, 14.7 % uses Wordpress
    • 30% of all global websites are developed on Wordpress
    • Over 10000 new wordpress themes developed every month
    • Free and premium Plugin are easily available to accomplish new task
    • Muti Layer Security to prevent website from hackers
    • Wordpress Woocommerce Plugin to develop ecommerce sites in single day

    Top Benefits of Wordpress which makes it best for Professional websites development?


    WordPress is a free and open-source CMS ( Content Management System ) used for business website developement. Wordpress is based on PHP & MySQL. It is widely used for creating blogging platform but supports web development as well. Wordpress includes features like mailing lists and forums, media galleries, and online stores

    Wordpress is best Webiste Management System used by over 10 million website. Wordpress is based on plugin architecture and templating engine.


    Proven TOP 10 Amazing Reasons Why Wordpress is Good for Professional Websites?

    • WordPress is easy to setup, manage, and update.
    • Over 10000 wordpress themes which are available for free.
    • It has thousands of plugins to add complex functionality to your website.
    • WordPress is search engine optmized.
    • WordPress is most popular PHP CMS.
    • Wordpress is open source and free to use.
    • Wordpress is best for creating a blogging paltform.
    • Free online tutorials and courses are easily available.
    • Wordpress has very high level of security.
    • It is a beginner-friendly CMS.


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