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Date: April 11, 2022

Top 10 Best Website Design Trends in 2022

Top 10 Best Website Design Trends in 2022

Get the best Website Design Trends in 2022 that can help you to launch premium website with updated UI/UX and clean design. We have listed the top design inspiration and motivation prepared by top website designers, developers and consultants having more than 10+ years of experience in website design.

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Art. You can find art everywhere you see. Artistic expression is what lets one's imagination flow like a river in the wild. In today's world, with technology around every nook and corner, art has gone digital as well. One of the most popular forms of art is web design. Websites are made with the sole purpose of communicating with the masses on a virtual level, it can be informative or can be the website of an organization who wish to showcase their services and increase clientele. Web design, in simple words, is designing websites in a way that is attractive, eye catching and unique in a way that it creates an impact and leaves an ever lasting impression on the people who visit it.

This being said, let's take a look into the Top 10 Website Design Trends For Website Development.

1. Dynamic and Responsive Web Pages:

A web page with dynamic and responsive elements gives a more curious look and keeps a user engaged for longer. By using animation and interactive features, the web page instantly becomes interesting to look at and in turn increases interaction as there is something constantly changing on the screen. A good example of a dynamic webpage would be of an LA web design and marketing firm, Weberous. The water ripple effect, fishes in the background, water droplets in constant motion are its dynamic elements and they do a good job at capturing the attention of a user.

2. Gradient Color Palette:

When we look at pastel colors as a design, there is simplicity and beauty in it. Since Instagram has rebranded its logo to a gradient color logo, it has been nothing short of a new revolution. It has led to a boom in gradient color designs for website pages. Spotify can be considered as an example for the gradient color palette. Spotify used many different gradients and graphics to create their Spotify Wrapped - a feature that shows the songs listened by the user all year long. The gradient color scheme is one to come for the ages and will be on the designs to look out for in the future of web design.

Website Design Trends

3. Minimalism:

This one is for all the millennials out there! Minimalism believes on simple, crisp, to the point and bold text, that uses a monochromatic color scheme. The selling point of minimalistic web design lies in its lucidity and the fact that concise amount of text or information speaks volumes and conveys the message with directness. Moheim is an example of a minimalistic website. They sell minimalist products and their website follows the same principle by having a monochromatic color scheme and interactive panels with minimal text.

4. Pop Art:

Pop art is commonly associated with comic books or vintage poster and stickers. It is usually referred to as a design of the past. But with the advent of new and complicated designs, web designers look back to the past for inspiration. Pop art gives a cartoonesque and color coded look that gives it a distinctive and uncommon look. Camden Town Brewery has a classic pop culture website look and the background color changes when user navigates to certain elements on the page. This color coding also builds upon the subconscious associations with products.

5. Interactive Scrolling:

Scrolling through long pages of a website can get repetitive and tiresome. To increase user engagement, scrolling is an opportunity to include quirky animations and animated widgets. Scrolling through a page has the ability to take the user on a journey, a story that the website intends to tell. Goliath Entertainment is one of the most interactive scrolling website you can come across. An event engineering company based in France, it utilizes interactive scrolling to integrate pop culture and fulfill its purpose of creating an eye catching website.

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6. Hand Drawn Illustrations:

In this technological era of Digital art & NFTs, one often forgets the importance of hand- drawn graphics. The personal touch of a little bit of imperfection goes a long way, as it feels more genuine and vintage. This type of web design is mostly used for portfolios and includes scribbles, doodles, messy cut outs, and analog textures like crayons and paint

7. Broken Grids:

Taking a turn from a traditional grid pattern used for website layouts, broken grids are a coming of the age design, which defies the logic used by grid layouts. It takes small grids and isolates them, hence allowing multiple grids to be used in an unconventional way. Overlapping can also be used using broken grids to give a more enhanced look and feel. Examples for this would be Zara and HealHaus.

8. Blending:

High resolution photos combined with the right graphics are a recipe for success. Photos and illustrations can be used in frames throughout the design together and this can be achieved by layering. By doing this, we can give an animated look to real pictures and this is a striking point for increasing user interaction. Also, mixing technique brings a level of creativity and fun to a typical image.

9. Dark Mode:

From Google, YouTube to WhatsApp & Discord, almost all websites and applications have a feature to enable dark mode. It refers to a low-light interface that uses darker colors such as black and gray as the primary background for your website design. Due to extended screen time in the event of work from home, dark mode has gained its popularity. It is typically associated with power and elegance, making this a great trend to use for minimalistic designs.

10. Split Screen Design:

Split-screen design is an exciting web design that can help to showcase different content that is equally interactive & engaging. This design helps to create attractive, well- organized, and informative websites. The colors used in the theme can be stark contrasts, as they can be used to represent duality. Engine Themes's homepage uses the 2-color split design, it is eye-catching and brings in clarity to the page content.


With the plethora of tools for web design in the palm of our hands, we can create endless possibilities and combinations for the best website designs. This report on top website design trends for website development can be your blueprint or inspiration, it is up to you to let your creativity flow!

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