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Date: November 18, 2022

Small Business Website Design Ideas With Examples

Get the best website design ideas with tips and examples if you contemplating the launch of, or upgrades to, a website for your company of modest size? That's a fantastic thought!

Your company's website should accurately portray your firm and its ideals. With such a little amount of time, it is crucial that your website conveys your message clearly.

No matter what line of work you're in in the year 2022, a website is a need. If you really want to make an impression, your website needs to be unique and eye-catching.

To aid you in getting started, we've compiled top website design ideas for small businesses online. Finally, we'll address some of the most often asked questions regarding web presence for small businesses. If you are looking a website development company to design a small business website than you can contact our team.

Small businesses websites rely heavily on their websites to be successful. The majority of consumers nowadays (around 45%, according to the research) start their search for a local service provider online.

It's possible that a startup company's limited resources prevent it from hiring a designer, assembling a development team, or purchasing a full design toolkit. Perhaps a simple brochure website will suffice for the time being.

The reality is, though, you don't need a design portfolio or a branding team to create a successful website. You don't need a degree in design to create a functional website; all you need is straightforward navigation, engaging writing, and appropriate use of color, typography, and images to create a small business website using our listed ideas, examples and tips.

Top Website Design Ideas for Small Business

1. Guitarlessons

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Here we begin with a beautiful small business website design that can be done with carefully curated colour palettes, smooth page transitions, innovative scrolling effects, and thoughtful layouts.

Online shops commonly employ grid layouts that connect off to individual product pages. However, on Guitarlessons, customers may peruse the selection by scrolling down to see a large image of the tea box alongside detailed descriptions of the beverage's flavour, scent, and texture. It's the ideal colour scheme for the company's eclectic preferences.

It's also worth mentioning how easy it is to navigate the site. Customers are introduced to the company's raison d'etre on the "splash page" they see when they first visit the site. After that, they may either head on to the shop, or check out the site's About or Contact sections. Customers will see the brand more clearly with this option, but it may take an extra click to reach the store page.

2. Saxon

Website Design Ideas for Small business

There's no reason a coffee roaster can't have a great website if a tea store can. Saxon offers seasonal tastes and gives back to the community via donations to charity.

This website, like Bennett Tea's, places an emphasis on beautiful packaging. The full-width picture slider on the homepage also makes use of colour backdrops to differentiate between tastes.

You can easily find what you're looking for at the Saxon, since the shop's website allows customers to narrow their results by a variety of factors, such as coffee type, brewing technique, and quantity per bag. The website's blog also features recipe postings, so you may use their tastes in your cooking.

3. Modern Farmer

Website Design Ideas for Small business

It's challenging to find a place in the competitive market for corporate software solutions. The information collected by Modern Farmer software platform on personal injury liens is useful for medical billers, attorneys, and others in the healthcare business.

As a small business website, Modern Farmer advocates a style that centres on doing, rather than talking about doing. This energetic design makes use of moving images, interactive icons, and other little touches. There is also a blog, with posts that are scholarly but conversational, aimed at a general audience rather than specialists.

4. Tattly

Website Design Ideas for Small business

The artists at Tattly offer temporary tattoos to customers. The website has great pictures of the products. It also employs eye-catching website design to highlight sales and calls to action.

5. Smallbiz Survival

Website Design Ideas for Small business

The professionals in graphic design and branding at Smallbiz Survival have shown their mettle with a single-page website. Here, scrolling activates eye-catching transitions and animations, demonstrating yet again that this interaction may have a purpose beyond merely navigating the website.

Smallbiz Survival is included here because, unlike many other sites, it doesn't create a separate gallery to display its work, but instead incorporates its aesthetic sensibilities into the very framework of the website. A higher percentage of visitors who are actually converted into customers thanks to this expedited access to the form. On the left side of the page, there are links that can take you back to previous sections.

6. Upstate Laundromat

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Everyone has seen the Fyre Festival documentaries by now, so it's simple to poke fun of influencer marketing. It's important to remember that influencer marketing may be effective despite the superficial nature of social media. There is no shortage of genuine influencers willing to advocate for firms and their wares.

Traackr verifies the credibility of influencers and advises businesses on how to best leverage their marketing potential.

This website for a small business is aesthetically appealing because to the use of bright colours, blocks of staggered photos, and scroll-triggered animations. This isn't just a pretty face, though; they back up their claims that their services will improve your life with facts and case studies.

7. Mixergy

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Mixergy uses an authoritative tone while explaining the inner workings of their anti-hacker software. Their no-nonsense tone tells us they take the possibility of data leaks very seriously.

The website's design, from the whirl of the ocular-like picture on the homepage to the direct messaging of the massive headlines, is reminiscent of the tutorial screen of a video game in which the player's objective is to eliminate invaders.

This method almost crossed over into self-parody, but the deadpan, straightforward style works well with their anti-hacking software.

8. Co - Working

Website Design Ideas for Small business

For people who don't require a conventional workplace, the proliferation of coworking spaces is a viable alternative. The potential of this new industry has many businesses racing to join the fray. But many of these companies miss the mark by thinking a coworking space is nothing more than a shared office.

The people at Alley obviously grasp this, because they regularly hold events and provide chances for collaboration that do just that: bring people together.

Co - Working website makes use of grids and blocks, and there are many pictures of the local community shown throughout. Their aesthetic captures the vibrant spirit of a shared office.

9. Stride

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Though it may be a bother to keep tabs on your spending habits, doing so is an essential aspect of being an adult responsible with their own money.

With the aid of Incomee, you can finally act like a responsible adult with your finances.

There are catchy headlines and screenshots demonstrating Stride's features. The layout is minimalist and streamlined, which is exactly how we imagine our financial management experience to be.

10. Olivia Misa

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Lifestyle company Olivia Misa offers "wonderful products for everyday existence." Both an online shop and a brick-and-mortar location in Brooklyn, New York contribute to the company's overall sales.

Colors on the site are subdued, while the photographs of the products are bright. The shop offers items from many different categories, and the simple drop-down menu helps customers find what they need quickly.

11. Pinnacle Tax Services

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Pinnacle Tax Services is a financial services website that offers personal loans, financial planning, and, most impressively, a hilarious landing page. As you scroll, a virtual marble run takes you from the beginning to the finish of its route. As you overcome adversity, you get insight into Pinnacle Tax Services operations.

This website is unlike any other, and its unconventional design can be interpreted in a number of ways.

A neat extra is that the site keeps track of the page you last left. So, when you come back, you'll be prompted to continue reading from where you left off. It's a smart way to employ cookies that can help bring back straying leads.

12. Friendly Business

Website Design Ideas for Small business

The objective of Friendly Business is to help small company owners achieve Friendly Business. There are a plethora of organisations and businesses making this claim, each with various degrees of credibility and track records of delivery.

When compared to competitors' sites, Friendly Business's is refreshing in its combination of both eye-catching design and high-quality information written in an authentic voice.

13. Kinsel Forensic Accounting LLP

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Digital marketing firm Kinsel Forensic Accounting LLP's web design is dynamic because to the utilisation of geometry and depth perception. You can see that they are on a mission to aid people by looking at the jigsaw piece at the top of the page.

When compared to the grids that organise much of the material on the site, the use of white space, bespoke visuals, and animations provides a welcome burst of life. Lots of this design is straight, but it's broken up well with a wide range of interesting illustrations.

14. Pitblado

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Corporations may take advantage of Pitblado 's customised retreat packages. This layout is appropriately emblematic of a high-end hospitality establishment.

The design is mostly based on photographs, with large, high-quality photos of breathtaking scenery taking centre stage. In addition to these massive graphics, the site also features a lot of scroll-triggered motion to keep us engaged.

15. Betty Crocker

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Betty Crocker homepage opens with a series of short, film-inspired video clips. The rapid-fire succession of pictures may make you dizzy, but they certainly catch your attention. On the other hand, this isn't the only bit of unconventional style. When you click the red circular menu button in the upper right, a set of menu options will appear, replacing the hero image.

They maintain the site's quirky aesthetic with a plethora of offbeat features like the ketchup cannon. These flashes of bizarre ingenuity motivate us to search the site extensively for more examples of the bizarre.

The messages they send about making delicious barbecue are never compromised by their quirky sense of humour. Instead, these details are like a jar of gourmet ketchup or mustard; they add taste without taking away from the overall look.

16. Bon Bon Body

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Bon Bon Body describes the philosophy guiding their product selections as, "Ones that make you feel spunky, sassy, strong & smart."

Their ecommerce design is a gorgeous palette of reds and pinks, and photos of women modeling their products — a fun vibe underscored with badass lady power.

Bon Bon Body online store is proof that strong branding is at the center of any successful web design.

17. Epicurious

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Delicious ingredients needed in Mexican cooking may be purchased at Epicurious. The website's items, which are all brightly coloured, stand out against a white background. Its vivid orange and yellow highlights are meant to indicate the product's high energy level.

18. Go180

Website Design Ideas for Small business

As the name implies, Go180 is the epitome of lighthearted fun. This layout is bustling with activity thanks to its numerous microinteractions and hover effects. It manages to convey the fun of balloons without resorting to silliness.

This small business website design highlights all the qualities that make The Balloon Queen deserving of her title with the perfect blend of seriousness and playfulness.

To see how it all came together, go on over to the Webflow Showcase.

19. Better World Book

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Better World Book provides unique software and other technology to boost corporate development. This design places an emphasis on clearly showing the products and services offered through the use of screenshots and other graphics, along by clear and straightforward supporting prose.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and each idea is developed in tandem with the others.

20. Bryant Dental

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Bryant Dental, a design business, has a website with one of the most dramatic scrolling experiences I've ever seen. It combines horizontal scrolling with a fixed scrolling mechanism to provide each part in bite-sized bites while keeping readers on the same page.

The company's design ethos and methodology, a case study, customer feedback, and contact information are all discussed in separate sections.

This technique may be used to ensure that people see the content you want them to see, in the order you want them to see it, on a long-scrolling page.

21. Thrift Books

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Thrift Books is a feminist bookstore that not only serves espresso with your purchase but also has a comprehensive website.

Without making things too complicated, the homepage of this site serves as a storefront for books, a calendar of upcoming events, a statement of purpose, and a place to purchase swag. Customers may use the website to place an order for any book in the shop, whether it be a physical copy, an ebook, or an audiobook, and have it delivered to their door or a designated pickup location.

This small business website idea has a monthly book subscription service, a newsletter, a podcast with an embedded player, and a blog where users may share their thoughts and opinions on published works. There's a nice mix of variety and polished presentation.

22. DSP Kitchens and Installations

Website Design Ideas for Small business

DSP Kitchens and Installations website design is both visually engaging and functional (with the exception of the booking page). DSP Kitchens and Installations design is clean and well-organized in the featured photograph. Although it's only a trailer, it's clear that these folks are dedicated to perfecting the coffee-making process.

There are little instances of action here and there. The top hover effect isn't strictly essential, but it does help draw our attention and centre it on the action below. Scroll-triggered fade-ins and the charming animation of a car pulling the coffee trailer are just two examples of the many thoughtful additions that help bring the page to life.

The sticky block with various social media profiles and contact information is also a wonderful addition. It's common for these details to be buried in the design or the site's footer. It's clear that People Vs. Coffee is trying to foster more direct relationships with its clientele, and this provides a perfect chance to do so.

23. Etsy

Website Design Ideas for Small business

The painters at Etsy have opened up an online shop where you can buy their original designs. The website reflects the fun, girly nature of the brand with its use of pink and green. A white backdrop, however, helps draw attention to the vivid hues used in the various merchandise designs.

All-caps, sans-serif font makes the drop-down menu easy to read.

24. La Rosina

Website Design Ideas for Small business

The Australian company La Rosina sells decorative items for the home. This sample site for a small firm does a nice job of showcasing the high-end brand with its sophisticated colour scheme and understated animations. The menu and filter options also facilitate easy exploration.

25. Tara Shaw

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Tara Shaw webiste design features eye-catching gradient backgrounds, illustrative images, and smooth scrolling to draw attention to their made-up service.

You may clone Circle if you require a feature-rich company website that highlights a platform's features, course lists, and customer testimonials.

A vendor of software as a service or of online courses might benefit greatly from this design. It's easy to make adjustments to the project once you clone it.

26. Punkt

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Punkt, a design business, has a website with one of the most dramatic scrolling experiences I've ever seen. It combines horizontal scrolling with a fixed scrolling mechanism to provide each part in bite-sized bites while keeping readers on the same page.

The company's design ethos and methodology, a case study, customer feedback, and contact information are all discussed in separate sections.

This technique may be used to ensure that people see the content you want them to see, in the order you want them to see it, on a long-scrolling page.

27. NPR Music

Website Design Ideas for Small business

At last, the sophisticated and professional Music Audience Exchange (MAX) facilitates promotional collaborations between businesses and musicians.

It has two sections, one for artists and one for businesses, both with detailed instructions on how to use the service. It's an effective method of steering both companies and musicians into an application form and a sale.

28. Flesh & Buns

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Press London provides customers with cold-pressed juices, groceries, and detox packages. There are three primary navigation tabs in the top bar, each with its own submenu of options. Use of icons for navigational elements like shopping carts and search bars helps the site stick to its spare design aesthetic.

29. Wildwood Christmas Tree Farm

Website Design Ideas for Small business

In subtle but eye-catching ways, Wildwood Christmas Tree Farm 's website features illustrations. With just some soft illustrations, a nice orange and green colour palette, and mouthwatering close-ups of their creations, the Australian bakery has made a simple but captivating website.

Customers can find information about the bakery and links to the online shop and sourdough subscription service on the homepage. A footer with social media buttons and other resources is included at the end of each page. It's worth noting that the footer is given more prominence than usual, with the large text drawing focus to the company's commitment to sustainability and wholesale.

In addition, you should check out Wildwood's online shop. Customers can quickly find what they're looking for in the store by using the flavour filter. Even the cart icon is an original illustration, proving that the designers gave careful consideration to every detail. The attention to detail here is what truly sets this website apart.

30. Cleaning Authority

Website Design Ideas for Small business

Perhaps it's because I have a soft spot for eco-friendly cleaning products, but I found the Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner website to be refreshingly straightforward and successful in conveying the company's ethos and product options.

Nothing fancy about the way products are presented on Good Vibes; they're laid out in a grid, as you'd expect. To counteract this, the website also prominently shows reviews and testimonials from consumers below to encourage trust in potential shoppers.

Besides a detailed description, each product page also features care instructions, ingredients, customer reviews, and suggested alternatives. It's sufficient for leaving a favourable impression without resorting to flashy visuals.

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