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Top 40 Mobile Application Ideas for Start-Up

Date: October 18, 2021

Top 40 Mobile App Ideas for Start-Ups in 2022

In modern times, the success of a start-up is hugely dependent on the idea and the thought process behind it. Which customer problem is the particular application solving? How is this application making the world, a better place? How well is the customer penetration of this application? All of the above factors depend on that one idea.

In this era when smart phones have become an integral, inseparable part of our lives, and is so much more powerful than its predecessors, it is but obvious to have a workable mobile application along with other platforms like web to have the idea implemented. According to an estimate, in India alone, 744 million users access internet via their mobile phones and it is expected to increase to 1.5 billion by 2040.

With the advancement in technologies as cloud and mobile application development frameworks like React JS, Ionic, Angular, Flutter, etc. mobile application development has become a huge industry in itself. Now coming to the topic of discussion, below are the some of the best mobile application ideas in 2022 that are worthy of your consideration.

1) Home Rental App

Times like this when globalisation is at its peak, people are always in the look-out for better opportunities. The age-old perception of staying in their own city and work with whatever opportunity is at their disposal is gone. People, esp. Millennials, are moving out and coming to tier-1 cities to have a better life, high paying jobs, etc. And once moved to a new city the biggest trouble they face is to have a roof over their head.

You could take this problem and do your bit to solve this by having a mobile application developed which would bring together the owners wanting to rent out a property and tenants trying to find a property on a common platform. This application would basically let the tenants search for houses in the area they want, be it on a sharing basis or an entire house, check-out the property, discuss with the owner and finally if they like it, provide a confirmation on it. This will save the newly moved in people in the city the trouble to spending days together just to find a house they like and make it their home!

2) Self-Driving Car Rental App

Not everyone could afford a car. Let's admit this. But on the other hand, everyone wants to possess a four-wheeler. In short, people want a car but without the hassles associated with it. You could resolve this battle between emotions and rationale with this application.

You could have an application that could rent out cars to customers on an hourly, daily, monthly or yearly basis with a fee-based structure. Basically, the customer(s) would use your application to book a car for the duration they like and would bring it back at the location they picked up from within the stipulated time. Beyond this time, you could have some algorithm to charge them monetarily on the basis of certain criteria.

3) AI based Travel Planner App

With this onset of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-21, people are stuck in their homes. They are dying to get out and go on vacations to have a peace of mind or just for a change. In such times, a travel planner would really come in handy.

You could have an application built which will basically give you the most perfect date of travel to your favourite destinations. You could have functionalities wherein the application will sync up all your professional commitments like meetings, seminars, sessions, etc. and gather information regarding your favourite destination you want to travel. This will then analyse all of these along with some other factors like the expected weather conditions and will give you the date of travel. You could have various AI algorithms implemented in here to analyse the patterns and suggest places and dates of travel in future. All of these would fit in this application!

4) Social Media App

Since the rise of Facebook, social media applications are on the rise. People are seen spending their leisure time on social media browsing posts and even using them as a source of letting people know of their whereabouts and what they are up to at the moment thereby maintaining the status quo.

You can take this to your advantage and build a social media application with functionalities like location check-ins, images and videos sharing, sharing your thoughts in the form of posts, communication functionalities like chat and video calls. Such applications really have the potential to make you're the Who's Who of the world!

5) Home Cooked Food Sharing and Delivery App

As the old saying goes, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Though it may sound a bit misogynistic, but it is true for most people. And if you are someone who has a passion for cooking and like to see people satiating their hunger with your food, then this application is for you.

You could build an application where people could post their home-cooked food for people looking out for it. The sellers could have the pictures of their food taken and post it in the application with the quantity and price. Now people nearby who are seeking out for good home-cooked food, could order that from the application. There could be 2 types of business models in this. This could be done for residents within a society which could cut the cost of having delivery executives and runners. Or you could have delivery executives who would take the food from source and deliver it in the destination.

Doesn't matter which one you go for, you would be feeding the hungry. And that's noble!

6) Relaxation and Guided Meditation App

According to the stats provided by The American Institute of Stress, about 77% of people experience stress which affects their physical health and troubles their sleep cycle. In today's fast paced world, stress is as serious an issue as any other disease. If not treated properly, it could lead to a variety of symptoms irritability, fatigue, loss of appetite, anxiety, lack of good sleep to name a few.

In ancient Indian culture, yoga and meditation have a proven history to fight stress and anxiety and gain inner peace among living organisms. Taking this to your advantage, you could have an application built with various mechanisms to facilitate and teach the proper methodologies and postures of yoga and guided meditation. For this you have to well aware of the various processes of teaching this. It is only then that you could be able to go for building something as important as this. For this to succeed, this should be shipped with enough features with well documented scientific evidences.

7) Fuel Delivery App

As they say, "You can sell anything online these days". So, why not fuel?

Fuel is something which is highly essential in our day-to-day life. Be it for commute or for the generators in our societies. Like it nor not, we are heavily dependant of fuel to basically run something. Though we are moving towards more renewable sources of energy, the demand for fuel-based artefacts would hardly come to an end.

You could have an application built which will show all the nearby fuel stations with respect to the customers location. The customer then should be able to specify the type of fuel they need, the quantity and may be the filling station from where they need it. The filling station would then get an order of the same and would get that delivered.

This would particularly be helpful in scenarios where you are stranded in the middle of nowhere and are in urgent need of a fuel. In such times, your application could prove to be a boon for the customers.

8) On-Demand Vehicle Servicing App

If it is a machine, it will need maintenance. Else, it might be an expensive engagement in the long run. This is what we have learnt from the past. Reiterating the fact that in this fast-paced world when people are always working and they do not have time to set aside time for dropping off the vehicle at the showroom and picking it up from there while paying huge sums of money as well, they need this to be kind-of an automated process where they are not much bothered.

For this, you could have an application where-in the customer would enter the name and type of vehicle he owns and wants it to have a round of servicing. The application would then list out the details of the nearby service centres and garages who possess expertise in the maintenance of that vehicle. Once the slot is booked, then associates from that service centre would arrive at the pickup point (which is basically the customers location), will do a basic check of the vehicle and take it away. Once the servicing is done, the garage or the servicing centre would then bring it back to the customer.

This way you could ensure the customer a hassle-free servicing experience from the comfort of their home.

9) Delivery Services App

Someone rightly said that, "The laziest person in the room comes with the most innovative ideas to finish something up with least effort and enhanced efficiency".

You can approach this laziness, lack of time and huge traffic in cities with an on-demand delivery services app. You could have an application where executives would provide delivery services to move a commodity from point A to point B. apart from illegal substances, it could be anything. It could be something someone forgot at a friend's place, getting groceries from a particular store, getting medicines, etc. Your imagination is the limit here. All you need to ensure that the commodity, be it anything, gets to its destination safely.

This application would take the type of commodity, the source location and the destination location. Once entered, the application would assign an executive for this task who would be solely responsible for picking-up the commodity from the source location and delivering it at the destination.

10) Digital Payments App

With the onset of COVID-19 in 2020-21, the demand of virtual/digital payments application has risen exponentially. Starting from a pan-shop to showrooms, everyone is expecting and accepting digital payments.

With this in mind, you could have an application where the users account will have the phone number which will the link between the application and the bank account. In addition to this, there should be an algorithm to make transactions where-in every transaction that is made, should be authenticated and authorised form the bank and should be reflecting in the account balance as well. This application should ensure absolute atomicity and consistency throughout the transaction lifecycle.

11) Language Learning App with Vocal

People these days are constantly moving, changing cities and countries looking for better opportunities than before. Doing such comes with its own set of challenges, the most prominent one being able to learn the language. As they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". This could also be modified to "When in Rome, SPEAK as the Romans SPEAK".

You can solve this problem by having an application built which would have different levels of learning a language. Starting from the very basics till the advance concepts. You could have various levels of learning like beginners, intermediate and advanced on the basis of which the concepts and topics would be categorised. This could also prove to be beneficial for people who are appearing for exams to move abroad.

In addition to this, you could also have a feature wherein the letters, words and sentences could be vocally modulated as per the native speakers of the language. This way, learners would get a good understanding of it and would help them in grasping the concepts easily.

12) AI based Fitness App

There is a well-known phrase which reads "Survival of the fittest".

People these days try to stay as fit and healthy as possible. May be not everyone wants a six-pack body but people do want to remain active throughout the day without having to feel fatigue. This helps them to stay motivated, focussed and do exceptionally well in their professional and personal life.

You could step into this area by having a fitness application which should be well equipped with modules such as exercises of various forms (both with and without weights), diet plans, progress tracker in the form of charts and many more. You could also have an AI algorithm running in the background which would suggest personalised fitness packages on the basis of the current lifestyle of the user and the goals they want to achieve in a specific time.

13) Car-Pooling App

People do understand and acknowledge the fact that climate change is a real thing. They are resorting to measures which would ensure minimum carbon. The major sources of carbon emissions are vehicular traffic on road. This can be reduced to a certain limit if there was not as much vehicles running as it is now. Car-pooling is a good approach towards that.

You could have an application built where-in customers going from point A to point B update their sources and destination in the app. This would find the nearest route between those 2 points. Now people staying en-route to the destination and going to the same destination could book the car and they can now car-pool to the same location without any hassle. This way the passengers get the ride at a cheaper rate than the commercial ones and the drivers get to earn a few bucks while having someone with them to talk to while on-the-go.

14) Brand Authenticity Validation App

These days differentiating an authentic piece of commodity from a pile of garbage is just very difficult. People should not spend huge sums of money on first or second copies of authentic products.

You could address this problem by having an application built where-in the user just has to scan a barcode which would provide the manufacturing details along with the manufacturing country and unit. There is huge data available on everything these days. Using big data analytics, such information can be gathers and authenticated against the provided inputs.

This could save people from the trouble of being cheated on.

15) Money Lending App

Majority of us have either gone through or are aware of the loan disbursement process from banks and we know how tiresome and complicated it can be. In the wake of this, you could have a loan lending application built where money lending will b done on a P2P basis. It would act as a common platform to lend and borrow money safely and securely at some rate of interest. You could include the concept of blockchain and leverage its cutting-edge features of smart contracts and faster, efficient and reliable transaction processing.

16) Furniture and Home Decor Rental App

With people moving and changing cities frequently these days, they do not want the overhead of having the possession of furniture and/or home décor commodities. Since it requires a certain level of commitment to it, unless and until they have their own place permanently, they seldom own huge pieces of furniture like a couch or a dining table.

Taking this to your advantage, you can relieve millennials from their misery and have an application built where-in customers would be able to have the furniture they like on a rental basis. The pricing could be on the basis of rental period. For this idea to succeed in the current competitive market, you have to have a wide variety of furniture and home décor commodities for the customers to choose from. In addition to this, the customers should have the luxury of not worrying about the maintenance and delivery of the commodity to their homes.

17) Parking Space Finder App

With urbanisation and people moving from tier II/III cities to tier I cities for better lifestyle and earnings, car parking has become a big headache for majority of citizens. You could have a hybrid application (bot all the platforms like web, android, iOS) developed which would let the user know of all the parking locations that are vacant at the moment. You could also have a feature in it that would alert the user if any vehicle is approaching towards a particular spot.

Such an application would be a sigh of relief for the people of the city and they would not have to spend an additional hour just in search of a parking spot.

18) AI based On-Demand Gifts, Flowers & Cakes Delivery App

Who doesn't like to be felt special?

Maybe you are in another city and you want to surprise your special someone on some special occasion. This is the application for those occasions. You could have an application wherein people should be able to book presents for their special someone which would be delivered to them on time with all the necessities done for a gift. In addition to that, you could have an AI algorithm running in the background which would take inputs like occasion, like, dislikes, etc. and would give a personalised recommendation of artefacts worthy of being given as a gift.

Built meticulously and with good service, this application could revolutionise the gifting industry.

19) A Video Streaming Entertainment App

With the onset of COVID-19 in 2020-21, people are locked inside their homes. And for entertainment purposed, they resort to video streaming applications for movie, series and what not. Not only did COVID have an impact on this, but also the rise of smart televisions and smart devices led to the increased popularity of such applications.

Inspired by this trend, you could have an entertainment application build where-in user should be able to stream movies, series, videos from creators all over the world. However, as easy as it sounds, to sustain this market you have to have a good enough collection of artefacts from all over the world. In addition to this, you could have certain level of customisation on the basis of geographical location.

20) Medication Reminder App

In our busy schedule, it so happens that we sometimes forget even to take our own medications. Not only us, it also happens with somewhat aged individuals suffering from stuff like short term memory loss and schizophrenia. This recommended application could prove to be helpful tool in such scenarios.

You could have an application built wherein people would input their medication schedule and the app will remind them about it whenever it is time. In addition to this, you could also have a functionality of setting a reminder for doctor's appointments, etc.

21) Logistics App

There are times when vehicles just have to come empty after they have unloaded their goods at their destination. Such times if there was an app to fill this gap and let the owner make a couple of bucks, it won't hurt anybody.

You could have an application built for such scenarios where the owners/drivers would post their availability and the route they will be taking on their way back. Now people who want to send stuff from one place to another or may be from one city to another, should be able to select from those listings and send their goods with them. It is sort of a P2P logistics service. You just have to take care of the fact that the route of travel and the destination should coincide with the delivery pickup and destination.

22) AI based Recipe Building App

Have you ever come face to face with a situational dilemma when you have items in your refrigerator but have no idea what to make out of it? Well, this application is just the one you're looking for.

You could have an application built which would run an AI algorithm in the backend. This application would take the items available in your household as input and with the help of the trained AI model would give you the recipes of various food items you can make with just that. It could also have a feature wherein the quantity is also fed to the app and it would provide the number of people that can be served with those ingredients.

23) Live Internet Speed Checker App

At times when we experience slowness in our internet speed, we usually tend to check as to what exactly is the speed at that moment and which app is consuming more data. This idea would be helpful in figuring that out.

You could have an application built which would run in the background and would display the live speed of the internet connection (be it WiFi or mobile data) along with the details of the application both in use and running in background which is using the internet and the amount of data it consumes. It would help the customers to customise their use thereby giving them a sense of control of their data.

24) Household Help Finding App

These days we have families where both husband and wife are working to sustain their livelihood. In such scenarios, taking care of household responsibilities becomes tougher. Also, there are household helps available who struggle to have a reach and are forced to work within the locality they live in. this problem can be solved with this application.

You could have an application built which work as a common platform for the people who provide services related to household help and people who are seeking those services. In here, people could list their details and the services they would provide along with their monthly/weekly wage for the people seeking these services. The seekers could log in to the application and browse the details from within the listings and contact directly with the helpers.

25) A Groceries Comparator with Delivery Services

We are always in the lookout of saving a couple of bucks here and there. And if we find something at a cheaper from somewhere, then that where the crowd goes. This suggested application does just that. It is like the trivago but for groceries.

You could have this application built which is essentially an application aggregator and compares the prices of the goods from various application and across grocery stores available within the area and gives the user the best deal out of it. Basically, the user will input the groceries list or individual items and the application will list out all the prices comparisons along with the beat deal for the day. Once the user selects the deal they like, they would be able to proceed ahead with ordering them, selecting a time slot from the available slots and have their items delivered at their doorstep.

26) An Augmented Reality App for Demo Sighting of your Home

Buying a home is the dream that every person has and works very hard to turn into reality. But unfortunately, there are very little resources that could give you the personalised experience of how it would look once the construction is completed. As of now, the real estate market is dependent on pictures. You could change this process with the proposed application.

You could have an application built which would leverage the niche of AR technology to give the user a fully personalised experience and even a virtual tour of how their homes would look on completion. They would be able to view each of every aspect of the house including the exteriors and interiors, the wirings, the pipelines and much more.

Such an application would be beneficial for both builders and buyers. Builders would be saving money by not having to build demo houses and buyers would have a personalised experience of their homes much before the completion which would help them in their decision-making process.

27) Train Tracking and Information App

India, in general, is heavily dependent on trains for their communication.be it long distance or short, trains are one of the safest and most reliable modes of transportation. But the only pain area is having is the last-minute information on the route, delays, arrival platforms and the likes. Especially in metropolitan cities where traffic jams are frequent, having such information handy is essential.

You could solve this by having an application built where in the user would input the train number and boarding station and the application would display information such as the route of the train, the platform number in which the train would be arriving, whether or not the train is delayed and by how much, in which station the train is currently in, how long does it have to reach the boarding station and much more. This application would be a huge relief for the passengers and would help them plan their journey accordingly.

28) Language Translation App

Major problem people face when travelling not knowing the language of the city, state or country. you could solve this problem by having an application built which would take the voice input in your preferred language and would translate to the desired language with a voice modulation which would speak up the translated version of the input. Such an application would really be beneficial in todays times when people are constantly travelling.

29) A Medical Consultation App

As they say," Time is Money!"

People do not bother spending a few extra bucks if they are able to save time spent of going from point A to point B. you could use this customer behaviour to your advantage.

You could have an application built wherein the customer will log in and would be able to get a doctor's consultation from the list of available doctors with specific specialization. This could be chat based or a video call based. If required, the customer could also take an appointment from the app itself.

30) A Sticky Notes App

Very often there are times when you want to note something down for referring to it later and you could not find a sticky note nearby. Or if you do, you might not have a pen or pencil to write with. This application could be just what you are looking for.

You could build an application which would enable the users to take notes be it textual, images or voice. This would be a great utility application to have since we always have a tendency to note something down when we see or hear something noteworthy. You could also have a couple of customisation options like the colour of the note, various font types and sizes, etc.

31) Left-Over Food Donation App

A well-known proverb goes something like this, "Take what you eat. Eat what you take."

However, this does not always happen in the real world. There are always some leftovers be it at our homes or at restaurants. Some of the leftover food gets thrown away while there are many who struggle to find just a meal. Ironic isn't it? You could make an attempt to solve this problem.

You could have an application which would bring in the NGOs and customers to a common platform. If a restaurant or a household has some food left, they could just go to the app, find out the NGOs nearby and donate the excess leftovers to them so that they could feed someone in need. This application could actually be saving people from hunger and you would have a satisfaction of doing something noble.

32) Dating App

Companionship is the fundamental block of human life. After a certain point in time, we humans seek for companionship. And what better way if we could find someone the love of their life.

You could have an application built which would take the interests, location and their orientation and help them find people having common interests nearby. This could be the best application for people who are introvert or ambivert in nature.

33) Financial Need Analysis and Goal Tracking App

We all have goals. Some short term. Some long term. There are often times when we set some goals and feel extremely determined to work towards achieving it but then at a later point of time prioritise something else. What if we could have something which would keep track of it and keep us notified? This application is exactly what solves this.

You could have an application built which would take a wide range of inputs from the user and their long-term and short-term goals and help them plan the financial investments, track them and finally achieve it. You could also have an additional functionality where-in it would suggest the best financial investment plans available in the market that you could put your money on and get returns which would then be utilised in achieving your goal. This has the potential to be the ultimate financial master for an individual.

34) Charity Donation and Fund-Raising App

There are millions of people who need our help and we are not even aware if it. Even a small step taken by each one of us could lead to something big in someone's life. There are multiple instances where people are suffering and unable to have themselves treated sue to lack of funds.

You could attempt to solve this problem by having an application where people would be able to create various campaigns to raise funds for something or someone. People willing to donate could just search for the campaign and donate whatever they can at that point. Such application could give people hope and make someone's life liveable all over again.

35) Text Extraction App

Many a times we come across a scenario where we just want to save the textual part of a newspaper or a book that we are reading for our reference. This proposed application would ease this process to a greater extent.

You could have an application built which would take the help of various computer vision libraries like OpenCV to detect just the textual part from the object which the camera focusses on. You could implement various functionalities like save it in the phone memory, directly searching for it in google, etc.

36) Application to track and help reduce Smartphone Addiction

Millennials spend majority of their day on smartphones. Either browsing social networking apps, watching movies or even reading books. All of that happens in phones these days. This could lead to shortening of attention span which could have severe repercussions in future.

To stop this, you could have an application built which would track the daily usage data of the smartphone user with details like the amount of time spent on each application, number of times the phone is unlocked, etc. and would provide a detailed report at the end of the day. You could also have functionalities built in it like letting the users to set the maximum number of hours or minutes that the application should remain usable and after that it would be stopped and not even be used.

37) CV/Resume Builder App

As the famous saying goes, "First impression is the last impression"

By this logic, the first impression of any candidate in any interview is the resume. The resume has to be impeccable if you want to have an opportunity to interview for your dream company. Getting selected or not comes at a later stage. You first have to overcome the first hurdle.

You could have an application with wide variety of resume templates for people of all experience levels and all backgrounds and domains. The users would then log in to the application and select the template of their liking and start building it. The user would just have to enter the data in relevant places. The template does the rest of it like styling, alignment, font, etc. In addition to this, you could also let the user to have customised features like deleting of some sections from the template, selecting the font style, size, etc.

38) Freelancing Services App

Everyone likes to have some sort of a passive income these days as an emergency job just in case the primary ones go into a pitfall. Most of them like to pursue their passion as a side hustle and earn a few bucks.

With this thought in mind, you could have an application build which would server as a platform uniting the freelancers with their potential customers. In this application, the freelancers could show-off their talent and post testimonials from various customers to attract new customers and the customers looking out for freelancers could get to choose from a huge bucket of talent.

39) On-Demand Home Utility Services App

With the onset of COVID-19 in 2020-21, the need of essential home utility services was understood. With no chance of stepping outside such applications have proven to be a boon for the society.

You could have an application built where-in the various service providers like plumbers, electricians, barbers, etc. would register themselves and customers would be able to choose from the list which are available and select a time slot to avail their services. This way the service providers would get a good reach and the customers get the benefit of hassle-free booking and getting things done.

40) Influencer Marketing App

The exponential rise and popularity of social media led the brands to realise the potential of social media influencers. This change in behaviour led to the rise and need of influencer marketing.

With this thought in mind, you could have an application build which would unite the brands and social media influencers. This would be beneficial to both the parties in a way that brands could use the reach of social media influencers to promote their products and we all know that brand promotion is one of the major sources of income for social media influencers. So, this would be win-win situation.

41) Final Words

With a new technology emerging every now and then, finding the "just right" idea and implementing it successfully is no joke. But as we have left no stone unturned in researching and coming up with latest mobile application ideas for a successful start-up in 2022, we believe you have the potential to be the big bull in the start-up space.

We hope these 40 best mobile application ideas for a successful start-up in 2022 really help you in making it big in the start-up space and help your journey from ideation to implementation to becoming a unicorn.

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