Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

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Date: November 17, 2022

Top Real Estate Website Design Ideas, Inspiration With Examples

Get the best real estate website design ideas and inspirations with examples that you have ever seen. These examples are perfect for inspiring you to create real estate website that provides users with a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

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Get more listings and buyers when you have a solid web presence for your real estate company. Because you have such a worthy objective, you will find this motivation to be of great use. If you're in the real estate industry, you should look into finding the best real estate website design.

As a result, websites are the primary resource for 97% of homebuyers and 93% of sellers. Now do you understand why it's crucial to your professional or financial success to have your own real estate website? It certainly isn't a waste of time and energy to have a solid online presence. Creating a website isn't rocket science these days. If you want your homes to stand out in a crowded marketplace, invest in a current, high-quality website.

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Because buying a home or piece of property is often the single largest investment someone will make in their lifetime, real estate websites must be built with trust in mind. Choosing the trusted real estate website development company to develop a custom application is not easy in 2022. The purchaser must have faith that the real estate agency will treat their investment with the same level of importance that they do.

Get Top Real Estate Website Design Ideas, Inspiration With Examples

1. Redfin

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

Redfin is not to be missed if you are seeking real estate website design examples. But are you aware of the best option? Utilizing this this real estate website design inspiration, you may quickly create a website without needing to learn how to code.

In addition, the flexible and intuitive Redfin builder allows for unlimited personalization, including the addition of new parts.

Presson puts you in charge of your entire online identity, which is crucial for fostering growth and expanding your company.

2. Harvest

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

Harvest is awesome since it provides all the tools necessary to create, manage, and maintain a professional real estate website. Yes, your hosting package will include a free domain name for the first year.

The aesthetic attraction of Harvest's design is high-tech and cutting-edge. It ensures that anyone viewing your portfolio (and any other stuff you want to upload) will have a pleasurable time doing so.

In all honesty, Harvest is my go-to style recommendation.

3. Little Real Estate

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

To win over customers, a well-designed real estate website design is essential. Similarly, the real estate sector has embraced this strategy to increase their visibility and expand their clientele. The Little Real Estate is a real estate website template built with functionality in mind. In spite of its minimalist aesthetic, the homepage features all of the necessary components, such as prominent calls to action, the brand's logo, and links to the company's social media pages.

In particular, it features enormous square photographs with minimal accompanying text on the side. As a result, information about the structure, available apartments, and surrounding area may all be found directly on the homepage.

4. EstateBlock

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

Most individuals today rely on the web to research reliable brands. So, in order to establish credibility in the digital sphere, every company needs a website. So it's no surprise that this digital marketing strategy has been adopted by virtually every sector. Before you use this as a basis for your own brand, you might want to see if it has already been used elsewhere. You should check out EstateBlock because they have a beautiful layout for their real estate website.

It's the go-to agency for apartment needs in Auckland. The homepage was meticulously designed to maximise the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. Everything from the sophisticated search to the legible fonts and obvious call-to-action buttons on this website is expertly crafted. In order to facilitate simple navigation, this website uses a sticky menu with a drop-down.

5. iProperty

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

Discover the most innovative and creative real estate website examples that has perfect design here. Then, find out how these sites can affect your future endeavours. iProperty website provides a comprehensive description of the project in a way that is both visually appealing and informative.

The website for this project is genuinely outstanding, given its remarkable aim to create a handy, relaxed location in the centre of the congested city. The technical details, security, efficiency, and quality of construction may all be inspected by the user.

The combination of the off-canvas menu and the sidebar menu makes for intuitive navigation. In addition to the home page, the rest of the site maintains the same innovative aesthetic with a simple yet effective design.

6. RentCafe

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

It's true that a trustworthy website may expand business opportunities and increase brand awareness. Therefore, there is a need for this advertising approach. RentCafe , with its stunningly designed real estate website, claims to facilitate a more efficient search for a new house. As an example, this company provides unfettered visibility and easy communication with landlords, listing brokers, and property managers.

RentCafe real estate website design streamlines the process of locating a suitable home for sale or rent. The hero header showcases the sophisticated search against a rainbow of hues. Having your product or service featured in a magazine or advertised by a well-known brand is a surefire way to boost sales.

This website therefore guarantees that the feature will look good. Check out the site's functionality as soon as possible.

7. Homely

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

Homely Website is dedicated to real estate are an inexpensive method to advertise your listings online. Additionally, it generates high-quality leads and increases site visitors. Skipping this real estate website design collection could be a stroke of bad luck if you're working on a comparable project.

Ignore them at your peril. Here in the outskirts of New York, you'll find Level Barvikha, a cutting-edge residential complex with the best of both urban chic and bucolic serenity.

In particular, the firm is presented via an effective video backdrop in the hero scene. As the user scrolls the website, a pleasant and seamless transition effect is used. Here, the left and right sides of the screen appear in reverse order, creating a split-screen effect.

8. Knight Frank

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

The website you create for your real estate business is a great opportunity to put your unique stamp on things. Check out Knight Frank beautiful websites and start growing your company immediately.

Check out Knight Frank , a professionally designed real estate website. Custom renovations and cost-effective property management help bring high-end living to the rental market.

It has an asymmetrical layout that adds a touch of professionalism and modernity to the site. The home page in particular stands out for its clever use of overlapping web elements. The site's sophistication is further emphasised by the use of a black background.

9. Harcourts

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

Real estate businesses that keep up with the times and implement cutting-edge marketing strategies see increased success. Without a doubt, the internet has had a significant impact on how consumers choose products. Similar to how most individuals use the internet to look for a house, most of them use the internet to do the same thing.

It's easy to see why this plan has caught on in the property business. Here at Harcourts , we take great pride in being a boutique international real estate firm that focuses on the development, marketing, and sale of luxury properties around the world.

A professionally designed real estate website is made to showcase the company in the best possible light. In particular, it has a monochrome design with minimal online elements. The logo is centred in the header, and the navigation bars are spaced equally on both sides.

10. Harris

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

Make this real estate website design a terrific inspiration to explore into. One of the most innovative and cutting-edge real estate websites is Harris. The homepage design makes use of a full-screen layout, complete with all of the required web elements and the incorporation of GSAP animation.

The property is presented attractively with a sleek slider, clear calls to action, and an eye-catching backdrop image. The user also has the option of narrowing the list of properties by category, location, and builder.

The high level of sophistication is also seen on each individual property page. It adopts a clean, minimalist design, emphasising white space, beautiful motion upon hover, and another excellent slider. In addition, there are brochures, maps, and layouts available for perusal.

11. Zameen

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

Establishing a web presence allows you to communicate with potential customers while also establishing your company as a reliable brand. In this approach, greater success is in store for your real estate company. Zameen real estate website design is just magnificent.

Cape Town, South Africa, and all of Africa is home to a luxurious private rental. One of the greatest benefits of having a real estate website is being able to fill it with as much high-quality information as you like, such as images and videos. The homepage features an attractive slider that showcases eye-catching full-width

12. FazWaz

It is important to have a professional website to advertise luxury and high-quality real estate. Make sure the style of your real estate website is one that your customers will appreciate. You should definitely check over this great list before hiring a web designer or choosing a high-end template.

FazWaz is an ambitious real estate management firm with a focus on excellence. Their goal is to find the finest local real estate, the most luxurious serviced apartments, and the most hardworking professionals in the field. It specifically features a video backdrop with a practical menu and calendar for making a reservation at a local apartment. Apartments are displayed in a grid format on the property page to maintain a simple, unpretentious aesthetic.

In addition to the address, other relevant information, such as the location of the nearest bakery, flower store, and other local businesses, is displayed on the website.

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

13. Magicbricks

An online real estate listing is never a waste of money. Good looks and useful features will get you more than just a good reputation; they'll also open doors to new sampling chances. Magicbricks 's dependable group of real estate brokers and managers provides exceptional outcomes and support to vendors and financiers.

It can expand its market share in addition to existing brands. It invites people to find the finest properties by using the hero scene's search tool. Although the design is quite simple and uncluttered, the site's aesthetic is elevated by the subtle animation that plays as you scroll.

The brand is strengthened in tandem with the success indicators. It also has a polished contact form that incorporates Google Maps.

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

14. 99acres

The real estate industry is one of the most cutthroat in the world. Keep in mind that your website is a direct reflection of your company. These websites might serve as sources of motivation on your path to success. Online real estate transactions are simplified with 99acres 's well-designed website.

The homepage is exceptionally well-designed, with a prominent hero header that features an enhanced search bar. In particular, the site makes use of a card-based style to showcase the suggested accommodations.

The incorporation of testimonials is an effective method of increasing trustworthiness. People will have a favourable opinion of your company and be more likely to consider using it in future dealings. There are also "lost your property" and "found the item" links

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

15. CommonFloor

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

Your product needs to be unique in order to succeed in today's crowded marketplace. Real estate is a lucrative industry, thus more and more firms are investing in developing strong online identities for their brands. When it comes to commercial real estate, CommonFloor is the go-to company for merchants and developers in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut because of our dedication to providing them with excellent service and sound advise.

Its online layout places an emphasis on innovation, high-level sophistication, and forward growth. The user is presented with a brand introduction and a sophisticated search bar centred on the protagonist's story shortly after the page loads.

In the meanwhile, it's a great touch that you may go through the featured listings one by one using the slider. Use the website's search bar to zero in on exactly the type of property you're looking for, or to limit your search to a specific geographic location.

16. Trulia

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

Invest on a solid website to broaden your reach beyond your immediate area. When crafting a solid digital persona, it's crucial to have access to top-tier resources and examples to study before making any final decisions. If you are looking for an excellent property website, you should visit Trulia .

The most important Norwegian commercial real estate broker offered guidance, analysis, valuation, transaction, tenant consulting, and rental services to their clients. With its full-screen design and legible, attention-grabbing typeface, the website guarantees engaging information.

A lovely and fluid slider also makes an impressive presentation of available real estate. Read on to learn about some of the other cool stuff you may add to your work in progress.

17. Remax

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

When it comes to commercial property surveys, Remax has undisputed real estate website design for true design inspiration. A team of professionals in the field of commercial real estate owns and manages the company. Owners, tenants, investors, developers, and even financial advisers can all take use of the firm's expertise in property consultation.

In order to achieve its fantastic ambitions, it has knitted together a polished website packed with money-making tools. The website's overall design is improved by the fluidity and subtlety of its animations.

The video is embedded in the hero header to provide a more engaging introduction to the company. Asymmetrical design is used to provide visual interest and energy to the text. Additionally, this website appreciates the value of key performance indicators in bolstering the brand's presence online.

18. On The Market

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

With the prevalence of smartphones, firms who invest in their online visibility stand to gain tremendously. Gizmo offers innovative services for both real estate agents and homebuyers. It has some useful functions, such 3D VR experiences and interactive maps. The site is very stunning, cutting-edge, and expert.

The hero scene's incorporation of GSAP animation throughout many parts of the homepage, including the footer, is particularly noteworthy. The homepage is visually appealing thanks to embedded interesting movies and subtle animations. In addition, there is a beautiful contact form with eye-catching CTA buttons strategically placed across the website.

19. McGrath

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

McGrath website is devoted to real estate are now examples of cutting-edge, original, and creative advertising. If you're looking for productive and imaginative ideas, you can't afford to miss this compilation.

As the premier private residential country club in the United States, Boca West Country Club is home to Akoya, a collection of luxurious condominiums. Modern websites, like this one, typically employ a full-width design over the entire page. Specifically, it makes use of GSAP-animated high-definition video, crystal-clear still images, huge, bold headlines, and smooth transitions.

Therefore, the aesthetics are excellent in general. Furthermore, it utilises the sticky header for easy navigation while making the header and footer look great.

20. Homes

Real Estate Website Design Ideas and Examples

Crafting a competent real estate website design can do wonders for your real estate enterprise. The real estate resources listed below should not be ignored. Among the more than four thousand sales associates who work for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in New England, Jonathan Radford is the most successful.

Jonathan Radford, aware of the importance of having a strong online presence as a real estate agent, has taken steps to ensure that his website accurately reflects his character. There is a lot of information on the site's reliability here. Energizing video clips are randomly played in the hero header, making a great first impression on each and every visitor.

You can also search for all available properties, get in touch with him directly, or view the complete movie resume right there. All of the extras are lovely and fit together well.

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