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How to Hire A Web Developer: Step By Step Guide - Web  Development India

Date: February 25, 2019

How to Hire A Web Developer: Step By Step Guide

How to Hire A Web Developer: Step By Step Guide - Web Development India

So are you looking to hire a web developer, correct ? Hiring aWebiste Developer In Indiais not easy. You need to ask a series of questions and conduct interviews to ensure your developer has right skill sets and knowledge. This article will help youlearn how to hire a web developerin easy step by step process.

You need to have a clear requirement of your needs and what you are looking for like, Do you require a single web developer or a full-stack web development team or developer to hire? How large is your project? Do you want to incorporate a contact form into your landing page or create a sophisticated client-side web service that integrates with cloud hosting? As you can see, there are numerous questions to answer and options to choose from before you hire a web developer who is dedicated and expert. If you do not have all questions ready with you before hiring a website developer, programmers or coders than do not move ahead.

Following are 6 Easy Steps on how to hire a web developer ?

Step 1. Specify your business requirements

It is very critical to understand the scope and objectives of your project before hiring a website developer. Your project requirement should be clear and well documented. It should contain all features and fuctionalities you are planning to have on your web application. Clear documentation provides clarity and allows you to determine which web developers will be the most appropriate for your project. You can easily determine the skills set and experience required before hiring a web developer. There are different types of business requirement for website based on Web apllication type.

So, have a look at different types web development projects.

1. Simple Web development Projects

This category includes web development projects that require the development of a simple website or the addition or integration of new features and functionality into an existing website. This can also include maintenance and support. A contact form, a subscription button, a call to action button, a new template design and customization, and other features can be requested following the integration of additional features. This types of web projects need low level of skills and experience to hire a web developer. You can hire a web developer with 2+ years of exprience for executing your normal daily task.

2. Medium Web Development Project

Several other projects come into this category of medium web projects. They are relativeky complex and demands higher skills sets and experience. It could be the creation of static and dynamic web apps, online ecommerce marketplaces, and other applications that require third-party integration, such as APIs, chatbots, databases, CRM, wordpress CMS, and other similar features. for this you need to hire a good experienced web developer.

3. Large-scale Website Development Projects

As the name implies, these projects necessitate advanced technologies and large databases (cloud web hosting services) to store all of the customers' data. The creation of a video-sharing social networkingapp or social media networks falls within the category of large-scale projects. This type of project demands higher level of experience and expert and dedicated developers with 10+ yeard of experience.

Step 2. Decide on the developer's skills

After doing the analysis of your scope and project type you can move on to next step. This step involves hiring the developer with required skills set, experience and knowledge. There are three sorts of web developers accessible on the market today, all of them work in different web technologies. Developers with experience in back-end, front-end, and full-stack development.

1. Back-End Developer

Back-end developers are web developers who are responsible for the operation of a website through the website structure, which is located behind the front-end. They mostly do server side coding using PHP and create and maintaion database as per the project requirements. They are also involved in developing API to connect front end with backend. Back end developers have good experience in server side scripting languages like PHP. You can hire a backend web developer when you need a programmer for data base updation or server coding.

2. Front-End Developer

Front-end developers are those who work on the UI/UX of a website and this involves HTMl, CSS and Javascript programming. Front end programing is relatively easy and does not require years of experience in to this. Front-end developers design the user interface of a website, which is the point at which visitors engage with your company.

3. Full-stack developers

Full-stack developers are those that have previous experience of working on both front end technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript and back-end technolgies like PHP or any other server programming languages of a website. This characteristic of these developers makes them extremely desirable to start-up businesses. You can choose to hire a full stack developer with more than 5+ years of experience depending on project requirement as discussed in Step 1.

After getting a comprehensive understanding of developers, it's time to choose the most appropriate developer for hire for your project.

Step 3. Choose skilled website specialists

In step 3, it is much easier to identify the most qualified web developers to meet the specific needs of your online project after understanding your project scope and indentying the developers's skills in step 1 and step 2 respectively. Many online platform will allow you to hire the right developer, programmers or coders for your webiste development It is possible to hire a web developer or a Web Development Company in Indiaon the internet, thanks to the numerous online platforms that are available in the market. If you are looking for a web application development company, you may narrow down your search results by specifying particular parameters such as project size, budget, and timescale.

You can choose one of the following websites to hire a developer:

Upwork.comPreviously known as Elance-oDesk, Upwork is an American freelancing website that connects businesses and people to conduct business. The Elance-oDesk merger was renamed as Upwork in 2015, and the company is currently known as Upwork Global Inc.

Freelancer.comFreelancer is an Australian freelance marketplace that enables employers to post jobs that freelancers can bid on. It was founded in 2009 and has offices in Sydney, Vancouver, London, Buenos Aires, Manila, and Jakarta.

Guruis a marketplace for freelancers. It enables businesses to hire freelancers for commissioned tasks. eMoonlighter.com was founded in 1998 in Pittsburgh and is currently headquartered there.

How to hire a web development team, a somewhat different method is required; therefore, conduct a search on the following websites:

ClutchClutch is the top site for ranking and reviewing IT, marketing, and business service providers. Each month, approximately 500,000 buyers and suppliers of services utilize the Clutch platform, which is expanding at a rate of more than 50% each year.

SoftwareWorldSoftwareWorld is a Best Software Review Website dedicated to assisting you in locating the most highly rated and reviewed software items for your business.

Tech blogs, such as the one you are currently reading, are places wherePHP Development Companyshare useful insights with prospective and current clients, while also sharing their development skills. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you think their writings beneficial and relevant to on how to wire a web programmer or coders or engineers.

Step 4: Evaluate the expertise of the web development team

What is the best way to choose a web developer for hire? Let us dive deep into this. Prior to hiring a web developers, you should analyze their experience, skills and ability to meet the scope of your upcoming project. Check out there experience inLarave Website Development. Thus, before hiring them, it is usually prudent to review the team's portfolio to learn more about their previous work. Additionally, you may view the company's profile on the Linkedin, Behance, and Dribble social media platforms. If the company's expertise meets your business requirements, you can contact the team to discuss your next project.

What should you look for in a web developer? Prior to signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and hiring, you should also assess your web developers' soft skills, communocations, as these are critical to the project's success. Other critical soft skills are the following:

Communication: It is critical to communicate with the development team in order to stay on the same page. Additionally, better communication and expectation sharing result in fewer misconceptions, more precise project requirements, and feature definition.

Teamworkis critical, much more so for a large and complex project, where not only coders are involved, but also designers, project managers, quality assurance managers, business analysts, and other team members.

Proactivity, as it is always beneficial for a developer to provide feedback on technological solutions, discuss ideas, and offer changes throughout the project development process.

Approachabilityand helpfulness are critical, because if a developer is unable to approach other team members and inquire about a problem, a minor issue may escalate into a major one. As a result, the developer's ability to establish rapport with others results in more fruitful collaboration.

The ideal technique to validate web developers' soft abilities is to conduct a video interview with them or to ask them to create a video in which they talk about themselves or demonstrate how to do a complex technical task.

Step 5: Choose the right engagement model

Depending on the complexity and scope of your web development project and developer's experience and skill set you may select one of the following engagement models:

The project-basedmodel is popular with start-ups and established enterprises looking to complete a small web development project. This model is predefined in terms of scope of work and timescales. Cost is estimated before the start of project. Any changes in requirement leads to additional cost as per mutual agreement. Additionally, the web development team is in charge of project management and the selection of technological solutions. All tasks are assigned to the web development team under this business model.

A Dedicated Teambusiness model is ideal if you need to integrate complex functionalities such as cloud storage or AI Chabot development into your website but want to avoid the time and expense of recruiting in-house professionals. This dedicated model is best to reduce the operational cost in hiring and training. Controlling the project's lifecyle is something you may accomplish independently or delegate to your dedicated web development team. Concerning the success of the project, this is determined by the project management procedure. If the PM is on the customer's side, they are accountable for the team.

Outstaffingor extending the team with hiring of remote developers is the best choice for handling large projects within the project's budget constraints. Additionally, for active collaboration, you'll need an in-house CTO and project manager, as you'll be responsible for work assignment, progress tracking, and technical leadership of web developers under the outstaff model. You can achieve this with the help of project management tools like assana, git hub to name few. Client is responsible for development, testing and deployment in this outstaffing or remote hiring model.

Step 6: Decide on a payment method

If you choose to hire a single web developer or a web development team, you will be required to pay them a monthly salary, just like conventional employees. The same is true for both remote and dedicated team types of operation. However, if you prefer a project-based work paradigm, you can select between the following:

Time and Material, also known as Pay as You Go, is a billing method that is utilized for small, medium, and large-scale projects where the scope of work and time period are difficult to forecast. There is frequent changes in scope of work and the development is agile is nature. This compensation model compensates developers on an hourly basis based on actual development time.

Where to Hire a Web Developer?

Codeable- Codeable (codeable.io) is the world's first and only WordPress-only freelancer marketplace. The Copenhagen-based company was launched in 2013 and employs over 530 WordPress specialists from across the world to assist customers with WordPress issues.

Upwork- The most widely used platform for hiring freelancers. It's simple to use and includes a variety of options, such as time tracking and automated payouts for reached milestones.

Freelancer.com- Similar to Upwork, but with millions of remote workers available. It includes real-time chat and a milestone payout system, among other features.

Guru Over three million freelancers are available to work with you. Payment choices include per milestone, per task, and hourly, as well as secure payment methods.

Toptal- Toptal is a global remote firm that provides a network for businesses to interact with software engineers, designers, financial professionals, product managers, and project managers. The business does not have a headquarters.

Outsource directly- Hire and pay remote workers directly. Concentrates on steady, long-term employment. Ideal if you're looking to hire a web developer on a permanent basis.

Web Development India has expanded to include web designers and developers. Post your requirements and professionals from all over the world will provide their suggestions. You may view the results, leave comments, and vote for a winner. Pay only when you are completely satisfied.

Dribbbleis a platform for digital designers and creatives to showcase their work and connect with one another. It is a design portfolio platform, a job and recruiting portal, and one of the largest online communities for designers to share their work. The company operates entirely remotely and does not have a physical location.

How much does it cost to hire a web developer in India ?


Web Developer in India can cost $20 per hour to hire. A dedicated website developers can cost $1800 per month who can work full time for 160 hours.

A website developer can charge $500 to $2000 for setting up, designing, building, and creating a website.

Web developers either charge by the hourly or a flat fee per project.

a) Hourly Rate

Professional web developers cost about $25 per hour. This cost can change depending on skills and experience of web developers. Experienced wb developers with 8+ years experience in web development can charge as high as $25.

Freelance web developers often earn more than in-house web designers, owing to the fact that they do not receive health insurance or other job benefits. Additionally, freelancers have significantly less job stability.

b) Fixed Rate

Clients appreciate paying flat prices to web designers since they know exactly how much they will pay up front. According toWebsite Development India, web design agency despise flat fees since you can never be certain how long a project would take, especially if the client requests endless adjustments

Conclusion:There are many top web developers and web development companies In India. It is difficult to a hire website developer in Indiafor your project requirements. You can follow this article on how to hire website developer step by step to choose the right programmer for your needs. This selection can be based on age, experience, cost, skills and past work. In such a competitive world, it becomes impossible for most companies, particularly those that lack technical knowledge in the area of web development, to select the most appropriate web developers. This article onhow to hire web developersstep by step, outlines a few critical steps and processes that, if followed, will provide you with a thorough understanding of the entire process of hiring in short frame of time.

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