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Web Development India is most trusted PHP development company to hire PHP developers in India for custom project works. Our PHP Programmers can help you trasform your business ideas into reality by using cutting edge technologies like PHP and MySQL.

Clients can choose to hire PHP developers in India at $10 USD per hour and $1600 USD per month for dedicated PHP Programmer. Based on a survey of over 300+ PHP developers, the average cost ranges from $10 to $20 per hour for a full time PHP programmer . The cost to hire PHP developer can change depending on whether you choose in-house or offshore PHP programmer.

When you hire a dedicated PHP developer in India, you can save your time & money by 60 %. Our team of over 40+ engineers, project managers and PHP developers provide high quality PHP programming solutions at low hourly rate.

  • No Freelancers, 100% Own Staff
  • First Time Right Process
  • 16+ Years Industry Experience
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Dedicated PHP Developers
Hire Dedicated PHP Developers India Hire PHP Developers Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

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Hire Dedicated PHP Developer in India for Custom Projects

Web Development India is an award-winning PHP development company to hire PHP developers, programmers, and coders as per your specific business requirements. Our agency have a team of India's best dedicated PHP developers with strong technical experience to build secure, fast, performance driven web application.

Our team of full stack PHP developers have good experience in various PHP frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, Symfony and PHP CMS like Wordpress, Magento, Drupal and Opencart to name few. Our Indian PHP developers for hire can work full-time, part-time or dedicated to be part of your remote development team.

What Our Full Stack PHP Developers Can Do For You?

You can choose Web Development India to hire PHP developers online at $10 per hour and full time dedicated PHP developer in India at $1600 USD monthly. Our full stack PHP programmers have helped companies of all sizes to set up offshore PHP development teams.

  • Full-Stack PHP Development

    Hire full-stack PHP developers in India with good experience in front-end technologies like HTML, CSS and Laravel, Vue.JS, Angular.js and My SQL in backend. They deliver services to different industry verticals at affordable prices.
  • Custom PHP CRM Development

    Our PHP programmers in India are experts in creating CRM modules like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource and Supply Chain. Our CRM are known for high performance, security, and UI/UX appeal.
  • Dedicated PHP Developers

    When you hire a dedicated PHP developer in India, the average hourly cost is low, ranging from $10 to $15 per hour and $1600 per month. They are specialized in solving complex business requirements on the PHP.
  • Prototyping & UX Design

    Our PHP developers specialises in providing MPV prototyping for your web development project. Additionally, we have a team of skilled UI/UX PHP designers with an average of 10+ years of expertise..
  • Third Party Integration

    We are a leading PHP application development company in India, specialising in the development of APIs, custom data connectors, web services, and middleware for secure connection with third-party solutions.
  • Consulting & Business Analysis

    Are you looking for the right technology for your next web application project. You can contact our PHP developer India to help you with consulting and business analysis.
  • PHP Support & Maintenance

    By hiring dedicated PHP developers from Web Development India, you get world class support, high level of maintenance, and flexibility to work in any time zone without any hassle.
  • PHP eCommerce / CMS Development

    Hire offshore expert PHP Coders and Programmers who can develop custom ecommerce and social networking websites using Laravel PHP framework and meet the changing business needs of clients.
  • Software Product Engineering

    You can outsource your PHP software product engineering to Web Development India. We develop MVP and SaaS enterprise products based on custom requirements for our clients.

Hire PHP Developers With Free Trials

Flexible Engagement Models | Signed NDA | High Quality Code | Timely Delivery

Hire PHP Developer at just $15 USD per hour with 10+ years of experience. Full stack dedicated PHP programers can cost $1600 USD on monthly basis who can work for 160 hours a month.


Hourly (USD)

5 to 10+ Years of Experienced PHP Developer

Our PHP Developer Skills: Full Stack

  • PHP Functionality

    Broadcasting Caching Event Management Queues Handling Task Scheduling Security Layer
  • PHP Frameworks

    Laravel Codeigniter Symfony Cake PHP Yii Phalcon FuelPHP Laminas

    Wordpress Magento Drupal Shopify Opencart
  • APIs

    Facebook API Spotify API GitHub API GoogleMap API Payment Method integration Twillio API
  • Repository

    Firebase Amazon Web Services(AWS) Docker Dapr Azure Github Bitbucket Gitlab
  • Database

    MongoDB PostgreSQL MySQL
  • Other Language

    Javascript JQuery Vue.js Angular Node.js
  • Project Management Tools

    JIRA Trello BaseCamp

Why Hire PHP Developers In India ?

Indian PHP developers charge about 50% to 60% less than other countries with the same level of experience. Our programmers and designers can work dedicatedly full time or on monthy basis on your project to deliver the work on time with absolutely no flaws.

  • Experienced PHP programmers.

    Hire PHP developer who are experts and stay up to date on the latest design trends. Our PHP programmers deliver custom PHP development services based on cutting-edge technologies.

  • Highly Cost-effective

    PHP Developers in India are charge 50% to 60% hourly rates as compared to other countries. By hiring our dedicated PHP programmers you save 40% of operational costs

  • No Communication Barriers

    Our PHP developers can speak fluent English. Infact, we claims to have the world's largest English-speaking population. Thus, you will not face any communication issue or gap.

  • No Recruitment Hassles

    When you hire PHP experts, you can avoid recruitment difficulties and training. All of these responsibilities are handled by companies at no extra cost.

  • Excellent Development

    Our PHP developers are known around the world for their impeccable code quality, timeliness, and devotion to completing projects on schedule at affordable hourly rates without compromising on quality.

  • No Time Zone Issues

    Are you concerned about working in a different time zone? That is not the case. Hire full stack PHP developer in India who can work on your project in accordance with the time zone of your nation, ensuring a seamless workflow.

Hire PHP Developers : Hourly Rate

Full Time

8 hrs/day 160 Hours a Month
$ 10 /hr

Part Time

As Needed 50 Hours a month
$ 13 /hr

Dedicated Developer

Full Month Project Basis
$ 1600

How Our Dedicated
PHP Developers Work?

  • 01SHARE
Hire PHP Developer in India

Key Reasons to Hire Dedicated PHP Developers in India ?

Our PHP developers for hire usually work on server back-end components and support the front end development. They can work dedicatedly full time, hourly or monthly basis to quickly extend your team size. Our PHP Developers in India are skilled IT professionals with good experience on PHP framework like Laravel and CMS like wordpress.

  • Get Bug-free Code


    Hire our dedicated PHP programmers who are professionals with an average of 5+ years of domain expertise to write clean, bug-free and scalable PHP code.

  • Quick & Agile Process


    Our full stack PHP developer in India adheres to a rapid and agile development methodology in order to minimize time to market and ensure project completion on time.

  • Easy Communication


    You can communicate with our offshore PHP programmers and the rest of our development team via Skype, Chat, or Phone, depending on your preference.

  • Zero Billing Guarantee


    If the project does not meet your expectations, we guarantee that we will not charge you anything or will reimburse your payment with no question asked.

  • Hire Dedicated PHP team


    We provide a dedicated and expert team of PHP developers for hire . You can hire a PHP web developer based on their experience, skills and problem solving attitude.

  • Out of the Box Solutions


    Hire our skilled PHP coders and engineers who possess the capacity to think creatively and delight you with out-of-the-box solutions.

  • Risk Sharing


    Our remote PHP web developers in India genuinely care about your reputation in the market. They take complete responsibility for the final product starting from design to deployment.

  • Innovation Lab


    Our company is geared to providing our clients with the infrastructure and a full dedicated PHP developer team to conduct research and build applications.

  • Guaranteed Results


    Our Expert PHP developers are quality-obsessed, and each step adheres to the highest industry standards. Therefore, Hire our dedicated PHP developers for ensured results.

Hire Dedicated PHP Developer
Hire Dedicated PHP Developer

Hire PHP Experts
60% Cheaper and 2X Faster

We have a team of 25+ dedicated PHP Developers with full stack designers, coder and programmers. Our PHP experts have made us among the best PHP development company offering services across PHP back-end, eCommerce solutions and custom web applications coupled with agile development methodologies.

Hire dedicated PHP developers who specialise in SaaS Application Development, data base designing and architecture, social media workflows and industry experience in Education, Healthcare, Education, Games, Hosting to name few.

Hire Dedicated PHP Developer
  • 50+

    Team Members
  • Presence across
    US, UK & Netherlands
  • 700+

    Global Clients
  • Hire PHP Developers Great Place to Work certified

Technical Expertise of
Our Dedicated PHP Developers

Our full-stack PHP programmers in India guarantee to provide the industry's finest PHP-based web solution that is tailored to your specific industry demands and company requirements.

The following is a list of PHP technology with which we work:

How to Hire PHP Developers in 4 Easy Steps ?

  • 01 Define Level of Experience

    It is important to define role and experience of PHP Developers like how the work will be accomplished, what major technical abilities are necessary, and how the person's effectiveness in the role will be measured.

  • 02 Outline Clear Job Description

    Define a job description on the role of a PHP programmer. A clear idea on the experience of the developer you are trying to hire, with a marketing message to attract top candidates.

Hire PHP Experts

Get in touch
  • 03Shorlist Candidates

    Select the right resume and screen the developers based on past experience, communication level, problem solving attitude, and skills required to execute assigned project.

  • 04Final Technical Interview

    Your Interview should be aimed to ascertain whether the PHP developer can complement the working styles of the teams they may join, as well as how they can contribute with their level of experience.

Top Companies Choose Our Team to Hire PHP Developers ?

Hire our PHP experts in India to to set up offshore PHP development teams. You can choose flexible engagement models ( full time- part time) to hire PHP developers with 10+ years average experience. Our offshore PHP developers build custom web applications following PHP best-practices.

North America

Asia Pacific Region


Middle East & Africa


Our Expert Programmers Covers all Verticals.

Our remote PHP programmers and developers have worked across all industries and verticals. They are experts in creating industry-specific PHP solutions. Take a peek at some of the industries where our PHP developers excel:

  • Healthcare

    Our PHP developers have years of experience providing optimal solutions to healthcare companies. They have developed 50+ PHP solutions to shorten treatment times using technologies like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and so on.

  • E-Commerce and Retail

    Our PHP coders are aware that ecommerce business requires a high level of safety and security. Our PHP developers ensure that merchants, wholesalers, and eCommerce businesses receive the best possible user engagement .

  • Tourism & Travel

    When you hire online PHP programmers, you are hiring developers who are recognized for providing real-time travel experiences to customers and maximizing revenue for travel organizations via their PHP-based web applications.

  • Financial Services & Banking

    Our PHP developers India have developed thousands of banking and financial applications that adhere to the domain's data sensitivity requirements. We leverage cutting-edge technology such as blockchain and augmented/virtual reality to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

  • E-learning and education

    To construct education and e-learning web apps, our dedicated PHP programmers use advanced PHP tools and technologies. We also leverage cutting-edge technology like augmented reality and artificial intelligence to construct out-of-the-box PHP-based e-learning web applications.

  • Entertainment & Media

    Our PHP developers leverage advanced tools to create innovative PHP-based web applications for the media and entertainment industries. Our team has developed more than 10+ websites for the media and entertainment industries, many of which have been recognized for their ingenuity and functionality.

  • Transportation & Logistics

    Our team of Indian PHP developers is well-known for recognizing the critical features of the transportation and logistics industries while developing new PHP-based custom web applications for this market. Our experience in Trasportation and Logistics has made us a top agency to hire PHP developers.

  • Publication and Promotion

    Our PHP engineers are exceptional and well-versed in overcoming the obstacles inherent in the publishing and advertising industries. We have increased the return on investment (ROI) of numerous publishing and advertising businesses with our PHP-based online applications.

  • Products from ISVs

    We have aided thousands of independent software vendors and product development companies worldwide by supporting them with professional PHP developers and programmers on a monthly contract basis. Our developers have collaborated with these companies as an extended team.

Partners, Awards, Accolades, Recognition


How much does it cost to hire a PHP developer in India ?

Cost to Hire PHP developers is $10 to $215 USD depending on level of experience. This can cost $1600 USD each month if you are planning to hire a dedicated PHP developer with 5+ years of experience.

What are the benefits of hiring PHP developers from our company ?

You can expect a 100 % money-back guarantee, on-time project delivery, non-disclosure agreement, and no contract lock-ins when you hire PHP web developers from our agency. You'll also have the chance to work with the top 2% of PHP developers with skills on wordpress, Magento, Laravel, Angular and Node JS.

How much experience Web Development India has in custom PHP development ?

Our Company with a team of 50+ PHP Develepers have an average experience of more than 10+ years on Wordpress, Magento, Laravel , Node JS and Angular JS. They can work full time, monthly or hourly basis depending on your requirement. Our PHP developers can develop custom web application within given timeline and deliver projects on time. We have over 500+ satisfied customers in 38 countries including USA, UK and Netherlands. We have executed over 12500 Projects to date.

How to Hire Dedicated PHP Developer ?

You can hire dedicated PHP Developers based on level of experience, project requirements and budget. Dedicated and Expert PHP developers can cost $180 USD every month. They can work 40 hours a week and 160 hours a month with daily report on task accomplished. TIPS TO HIRE THE RIGHT PHP DEVELOPER Asking cliched questions is a bad idea. a)Ask question about previous projects. b)Examine their current experience and learning abilities. c)Examine their communication abilities. d)Examine the attitude and ability to deliver.

What are the skills required for PHP developer ?

6 Must-Have Skills for PHP Developers a) Experience on other programming language like wordpress, Angular or Laravel. b) Good Knowledge on PHP design patterns and best practices. c) Should be familiar with Composer, PSR, and PHPUnit. d) Problem Solving Attitude. e) Excellent communication. f) Adaptability.

Do you share PHP developers Resume ?

Yes, we share recent and updated resumes for PHP programmers and developers. Then you may choose to hire the right PHP developer based on their skills and experience.

Are PHP developers in demand ?

As you can see, PHP developers play a critical part in web development. It's no surprise that they're always in high demand. PHP is one of the most extensively used open-source frameworks for building scalable, feature-rich web applications. PHP developers are in high demand these days, thanks to the advent of PHP technology, which makes it easier to create web applications at a lower cost. So, for your forthcoming project, you can go ahead and recruit PHP programmers.

Who is a PHP Developer ?

What does it mean to be a PHP developer? Simply put, a PHP developer is a professional who uses the PHP dynamic scripting language to create applications, programs, and websites. A PHP Developer works with PHP, MySQL, Ajax, and JavaScript to create and deploy a variety of Web-based products. You create back-end components, connect the app to other web services, and help front-end developers ensure their work is integrated with the app.

What are our clients saying...

They're an excellent firm to work with, and they're extremely knowledgeable in the field they've chosen. We are extremely pleased with the product's quality and speed of development. I am very blessed to Hire them.

Salah Samy

The team is extremely friendly, and they are always willing to work with us to find the best solution. They are constantly going above and beyond. They established realistic expectations, which I'm excited about.

Joe Field

We always feel secure when working with them. The best part about then was their willingness to extend one of the two people's contract for two additional months on short notice. looking again to work with PHP team.

Dario Nobile

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