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Hire Laravel Developer.

Hire Laravel developers having good experience in PHP web framework to develop custom laravel web application for your business needs. Clients can leverage our Laravel expertise by hiring our dedicated laravel developers on Full Time, Hourly and Monthly Basis.

You can choose Web Development India to hire Laravel developer at $15 per hour and $1800 per month who can work dedicatedly on your projects. Our expert Laravel programmers have more than 10+ years of experience and have delivered 820+ projects to 500+ clients globally. We have a team of 25+ Laravel programmers having 8+ years of experience in laravel. Our Laravel developers for hire can provide custom services like full-stack laravel development, enterprise solutions and laravel ecommerce solutions.

We are a top notch laravel development company that has professional experience in one of the most popular PHP frameworks based on Symfony. Hire dedicated Laravel developer who can help you with professional experience to build scalable, secure, and robust custom laravel web application in low budget and high efficiency.

  • No Freelancers, 100% Own Staff
  • First Time Right Process
  • 16+ Years Industry Experience
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

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Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers For for Unmatched Laravel Web Solutions

You can choose to hire Laravel developer who is dedicated and expert for full stack custom web application. Our Laravel developers are highly professional and expert in developing the project with great efficiency right from conception to delivery. By hiring Laravel developers, you will get a dynamic & mobile friendly application which works perfectly to meet your business goals. Our laravel developers are most trsuted to build rich web interfaces, UI/UX for almost all types of industry verticals.

VueJS + Laravel: Hire laravel Experts

Full Stack Laravel Developer


Hire Laravel Developers For Custom Services.

Our company provides flexible engagement models to hire Laravel programmers with right domain skills and technical expertise. Our Laravel developers in India work dedicatedly to keep clients satisfied in terms of quality, competitive pricing, and Laravel development best practises.

By hiring dedicated laravel developers you can save up to 40% on development, maintenance and support cost. Our 40+ Laravel developers possess a diverse set of abilities to deliver following custom web solutions .

  • Laravel Extension Development

    We allow you to hire developer who is a perfect fit for your business's requirements. Develop feature-rich and high-end extensions with the help of invaluable experience and skills of our programmers. We have dedicated Laravel developer for hire at your convenience and time zone.
  • Laravel Porting and Migration

    With the appropriate porting and migration technology in place, this transition can be completed without difficulty. There is no need to worry about losing data or other features, as our Laravel developers are experts at facilitating seamless Laravel solution migrations.
  • Enterprise Laravel Solutions

    Our skilled developers harness the PHP Laravel framework to create scalable, dynamic & user-friendly custom applications for large-scale enterprise-grade solutions. Our laravel programmers ensure that your website is updated with custom advanced features.
  • Laravel E-Commerce Developers

    Our Laravel Developer who can help you to develop ecommerce website with custom CRM integration and help you further to achieve the best solutions for your business growth. Developing a secure and scalable eCommerce store is also an advantage of this Laravel PHP framework.
  • Laravel Social Networking

    We have the right technical expertise to create a scalable and secure social networking platform. Hire Laravel experts who have profound experience in developing customized social networking applications or websites like facebook and linkedin with features like custom blog and feed.
  • Laravel Support & Maintenance

    Our Laravel developers can keep your websites running & maintained following the best security and laravel development practices. You can also trust them for timely maintenance & support services besides you will be facilitated with the regular updates from our developers.

Hire Laravel Developers With Free Trials

Flexible Engagement Models | Signed NDA | High Quality Code | Timely Delivery

Hire Laravel Developers with 10+ years of experience at just $15 USD per hour. Expert and dedicated Laravel programers can cost $1800 USD on monthly basis who can work for 160 hours/month.


Hourly (USD)

5 to 8+ Years of Experienced Laravel Developer

Our Experience with Full Stack Laravel Development

  • Laravel Functionality

    Broadcasting Caching Events Managemnet Queues handling Task Scheduling
  • Packages

    Breeze Cashier Dusk Envoy Fortify JetStream Otane Sail Scout Telescope
  • Micro Frameworks

    Linting Pre Commit Hook Lumen
  • 3 Party APIs

    Facebook API Crypto API GitHub API GoogleMap API Payment Method integration Twillio API
  • Repository

    Firebase analytics Amazon Web Services(AWS) Docker Linux Azure Github Bitbucket Gitlab
  • Database

    MongoDB NoSQL MySQL
  • Other Language

    Javascript Angukar Vue.js
  • Project Management Tools

    JIRA Trello BaseCamp

Reasons Making Us A Top Choice To Hire Laravel Developers

Our Dedicated laravel developer provide you with an optimal level of solutions that propel your business to new heights of revenue and profit.

  • Professional Laravel Developers

    Our Laravel developers invest heavily in their expertise and stay current on emerging technologies and trends in order to create a high-quality site. As a result, you are certain of receiving highly optimised Laravel solutions.

  • There Are No Communication Issues

    We are the world's second largest English-speaking country? This means that the majority of developers are proficient in this language, and you will have no difficulty interacting with them.

  • Boost Productivity

    The majority of Laravel developers use a DevOps and agile methodology to rapidly build high-quality web apps. As a result, your TTM (time to market) is immediately decreased.

  • Without the Hassles of Recruitment & Training

    When you hire dedicated Laravel developer, you can avoid the inconveniences associated with recruitment and training. They have received extensive training and have the necessary skills to complete your job.

  • Development of Superior Quality

    Our Laravel developers are well-known throughout the world for their clean code, devotion, and punctuality. They adhere to the specified deadlines and complete the project on schedule.

  • Reduce Operating Costs

    When you collaborate with our Laravel developer team , you may significantly reduce your operational costs. They provide services at a 60 percent discount to other countries.

Laravel Development Company India
Wordpress Development Services

50% Cheaper & 2X Faster
Hire Laravel Experts

Hire Laravel developers from Web Development India to enjoy quality hiring, top notch work and on-demand scalability at upto 60 % less cost. Get benefited from specialized offshore resources available on a part-time or full-time or monthly basis. Hire Laravel experts who are dedicated and have good experience with all versions Laravel

Our offshore Laravel Developers are available for hire to match your project needs at reduced costs and a quick turnaround time. We have a team of Laravel experts which has gained years of experience in the same industry verticals and has attained a decent track record in delivering quality services.

  • 50+

    Team Members
  • Presence across
    US, Australia & Netherlands
  • 700+

    Global Clients
  • Hire laravel Developer India Great Place to Work certified

Our Experiece with Laravel Ecosystem.

  • Vapor

    Serverless Platform
  • Forge

    Server Management
  • Envoyer

    Zero Downtime Deployment
  • Horizon

    Queue Monitoring
  • Nova

    Administration Panel
  • Echo

    Realtime Events
  • Lumen

  • Sail

    Local Docker environment
  • Spark

    SaaS App Scaffolding
  • Valet

    Dev Environment for Macs
  • Mix

    Webpack Asset Compilation
  • Cashier

    Subscription Billing Integration
  • Dusk

    Browser Testing and Automation
  • Sanctum

    API / Mobile Authentication
  • Scout

    Full-Text Search
  • Socialite

    OAuth Authentication
  • Telescope

    Debug Assistant
  • Jetstream

    App Scaffolding

Top Companies Trust us For Hiring Laravel Developers

We have assisted businesses of all sizes and across all industries in establishing offshore Laravel development teams. From startups to software firms to digital agency, there is something for everyone! Below are some of our satisfied clientele.

North America

Asia Pacific Region


Middle East & Africa


Our Laravel Developers Cover All Industries

Our Laravel developers come from a variety of industry verticals. They provide a solution for industry-specific software development. Consider the following industries in which our Laravel developers excel:

  • Healthcare

    Our Laravel experts construct HIPAA-compliant and enterprise-grade Laravel applications utilised in the healthcare business today. Our solutions offer highly scalable and powerful web apps.

  • Commerce & Ecommerce

    Our Laravel Programmer who have extensive expertise building custom retail and e-commerce portals. We develop industry-leading features to complement our comprehensive supplier control and online customer ordering processes.

  • Tourism & Travel

    We assist the travel and business industries in maximising the benefits of the web platform's business capabilities and user-friendliness. Our engineers develop an online ticket booking platform that will help you grow your business and improve your customers' experience.

  • Finance & Banking

    Our dedicated Laravel developers are professionals at developing digital systems for the banking and finance industries that are renowned for their security, scalability, advanced functionality, and ease of use.

  • Education & Distance Education

    Employ our qualified Laravel developers to create e-learning websites and apps for schools, colleges, and universities to enhance students' teaching and learning experiences.

  • Entertainment & Media

    Collaborate with our devoted Laravel developers who are professionals at building online portals for the media and entertainment industries. Their innovative solutions can deliver a dynamic and enriching experience for your users.

  • Transportation & Logistics

    We collaborate with a talented team of web developers. Their innovative solutions are extremely effective at delivering the desired and finest results for your logistics and transportation organisation.

  • Publication / Advertisement

    Our full stack Laravel developers have extensive experience building sophisticated business applications and websites for clients in the publishing and advertising industries. All of these apps and websites are capable of meeting your business's needs.

  • Independent Software Vendors & Product Companies

    Our Laravel developers who can assist ISVs and product firms with high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Their solutions might help you grow your business by enhancing the functionality of your web applications.

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Gained By Web Development India


How Much Does It Cost to Hire Laravel Developers ?

Cost to hire Laravel developers is $18-$25 per hour depending on level of experience in PHP. Dedicated Laravel programmers can be hired at $1800 on monthly basis. Full-time Laravel developers, can cost $15 per hour to hire. They generally have more than 5+ years of experience in developing custom web application.

How to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers ?

Easy Steps to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers:
Step1. Check Requirement:
Prepare a list of features and functionalities you are planning to have on your website. That will help in proper planning and cost estimation. Based on complexity and customization you need to hire the Laravel developers with required skill set and knowledge.
Step2. Check Experience Level:
You need to validate the experience level of Laravel developers required to work on your project. Higher the level of complexity , more experienced developer you need to hire. You can filter out resumes before conducting the technical interview to save time and effort.
Step3. Conduct Technical Interview:
You can conduct online interview to validate the experience level of programmers. You can ask them about the work they have done in past. What tools and technologies they have used. How is there experience level with customization and data base integration.
Step4. Verify Communication Fluency:
Right Communication plays a very important role in project success and completion. Check the level of English while conducting the interview and rate them according to it .
Step5. Confirm Developer’s Portfolio:
You can check past relevant work matching your project requirements. That will further help you further to narrow down the list of selected resources. Past work experience and project worked will help you hire the right Laravel experts in short frame of time and help in quick onboarding.
Step6. Verify Reviews & Feedbacks:
Check the programmers revies and feedbacks on online platform like trust pilot and social media . That will help you in verifying the experience , skills and knowledge before hiring the resources finally .
Step7. Finalize Hiring Cost:
Ask for how much they charge to work dedicatedly on your projects. What is the hourly rate they charge . Few if not all can negotiate on the pricing. But do not negotiate at the cost of quality resource.

Why choose us to Hire Laravel Developers ?

Hire Laravel developers to work as your remote team at 60% less cost and 5x faster efficiency. We have more 50+ full-time Laravel developers with 1280+ successful projects and 100+ happy clients. Our Laravel web developers have specific domain experience in retail, healthcare, banking and tourism to name few. Hire Laravel programmers with more than 5+ years of experiences providing custom Laravel development services.
Benefits of hiring dedicated Laravel developers :

1. Highly Skilled:
Laravel developers have good experience in building high-quality web applications for clients. They have developed high technological competence and consistently delivered the best results.
2. Cost-Effective:
If you're on a low budget, our Laravel developers for hire, may be your best bet for you. Our coders are 50% less cheaper for the same level of experience. Dedicated Laravel programmers can be hired at just $1800 on monthly basis or $15 per hour for part time job.
3. Regular Communication:
Our Laravel developers are good in communication over skype or zoom .When you outsource your Laravel project, you never have to worry about communication, as they are fluent in English.
4. No Time Zone Constraint:
Regardless of your time zone, our Laravel developers are available 24 hours a day. They can work on your project according to the time zone in which your country is located.
5. Timely Delivery:
Our Laravel developers stick to stringent deadlines and complete the project within the specified time limit without exceptions.

What should I consider before Hiring a Laravel Developer ?

1. Projects Requirements:
Project requirements should be communicated in advance to the Laravel developers . They should present you a detail scope of work, estimation and execution plana and how they can achieve the completion.
2. Features and Functionality:
A detail document should be prepared with the help of our expert Laravel team. The document should contain all features and functionalities listed. This process will help us to execute the project well in each phases like design, development, testing and final implementation.
3. Testing Process:
Small and medium-sized organizations (SMEs) and startups, as well as large corporations, should contact their Laravel developers to inquire about the company's testing strategy and application.
4. Delivery Cost and Time:
Businesses must cover the project's full costs, as well as its estimation and conjecture about when it will be finished, in order to hire a laravel developer.
5. Project Success Rate:
As a measure to ensure that all the errors and bugs that appear on your application are discovered and dealt with simplicity, you should sign a guarantee with the developer to ensure high success rate.
6. Past Work:
In addition to the prior experience and portfolio analysis, interviewing a developer is important due to the need of project scope verification. Predicting the future performance of the candidate from this, you can make a reasonable assumption about it.
7. Reviews and Feedbacks:
Since reviews and feedbacks are an excellent source of information about laravel developers, it is absolutely essential that you receive this feedback. Checking a portfolio or resume will give you a better view of their talents, expertise, and professionalism, but this will assist you in gaining a better understanding of these aspects.

Why should I choose to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers ?

You can hire a dedicated Laravel developer at 40 % monthly cost and 5x efficiency. Cost to hire a full time remote Laravel developer is as low as $1800 monthly. They work dedicatedly on your project 160 hours in a month. Hiring a Laravel programmer can save 60% of cost with better productivity and efficiencies.
Let's take a look at the top reasons why you should hire dedicated Laravel developer.
1. Expertise and Skills:
Our Dedivcated Laravel Developers have more than 5+ years of experience with ability to handle custom web application development. They have knowledge on Laravel micro framework like Lumen and JavaScript libraries like Vue.Js. The work history of these developers establishes them as specialists in their field. They know how to complete projects on schedule without exceeding the deadline, so they'll get the job done in a pinch.
2. Strategy with a Business Focus:
When you hire dedicated Laravel experts, you can rest confident that the project will be handled by a team of programmers and developers. It will not be disrupted for any reason at all.
3. Budget Friendly:
Hiring a team of dedicated Laravel developers to complete specific projects can be cost-effective. Laravel developers can cost only $1800 monthly and allows you to save 60% of hiring cost. You don't have to pay for any in-house expenses like training or benefits because these Laravel experts are paid on project basis.
4. Easy Handling:
Hiring in house developers, freelancers and ensuring that they understand their responsibilities is a difficult task. On the other hand, when you hire dedicated developers on laravel, all you have to do is assign the task and remind them of the deadline. The rest will be will be taken care of by them.
5. Adaptability:
Dedicated Laravel developers allow you to be more versatile with your business. Our programmers have made a commitment to work on your projects dedicatedly full time. They take installment payments based on the amount of days or hours done, or milestones completed.
6. Increased Business Focus:
Dedicated developers on Laravel can assist you in gaining a competitive advantage in the market. They have the necessary qualifications and skills to carry out the essential jobs and provide custom services.
7. Continuity and Stability:
You won't be left with a half-finished project if you engage a dedicated team of Laravel developers. Before a replacement can be located, there will always be someone to keep the process running.
8. Quick Response Time:
The short turnaround time for project execution is one of the reasons why leading companies choose to hire a Laravel development team .

Do we Sign NDA with your Laravel Programmers ?

Absolutely! To ensure data safety and client confidentiality, we sign the NDA and follow all legalities with precise diligence. We value our signed NDA and never share any confidential information with third party. All copyright and ownership remains with clients.

What are the services Laravel Developers provide ?

Hire Laravel developers to get broad range of following Laravel development services below:
Laravel Enterprise Solutions
Laravel Cloud Development
Mobile Application Development
Laravel Data Migration Services
Laravel Ecommerce Development
Restful Apis Development
Laravel CRM Development
Laravel Consulting and Strategy
Laravel Support & Maintenance
Integration with Third-Party APIs

How Much Experience does Laravel Developers has?

Our Laravel Developers have more than 5+ years of experience in delivering custom Laravel development services . When you hire Laravel developers, you get our proven Laravel experts that have all the required abilities and competence to design custom web apps, enterprise solutions, and RESTful web services.

Will the Laravel Developers for hire work Dedicatedly only for me?

Our dedicated Laravel programmers will be assigned only one project for as long as you want to hire them. They will work dedicatedly 160 hours in a month for you. They will report to you on project progress on daily basis .

I am a Developer and would like to manage the Laravel developers' team on my own. Is it possible?

Yes, all our hired Laravel developers will be working under your direct communication through skype or zoom. Daily task can be assigned to them and progress can be tracked directly through various online project management tools. Hire Laravel programmers who will be directly reporting to you on daily or weekly basis as required by you.

Why Choose Laravel for custom Web Application Development in 2021 ?

Laravel web development is the best choice for businesses and corporations when it comes to choosing the best framework for growth. The fact that a number of prestigious brands have chosen this approach makes it a desirable option. Additionally, there are some valid reasons behind Laravel's supposed business-friendliness.
The following are some of the most compelling reasons to choose Laravel for web development.
1. Access to specialized learning tools:
The developers have access to Laracasts, advanced learning, and practice materials. They provide both free and paid expert lessons that assist users in resolving complex problems through coding.
2. It is extremely secure:
Security is a major aspect in why Laravel is chosen for developing Web applications. Extends a significant number of security limitations that are not currently available. The CSRF tokens it offers validate any single message request. Additionally, they protect against someone changing the POST request to a GET request. This provides additional protection for the system.
3. Project Environment That Is Integrated:
The Laravel platform provides programmers with an interactive project environment that makes it easier to manage their work. Ease of use and rapid growth are advantages for businesses considering Laravel web development over other platforms.
4. Database Migration:
Laravel enables programmers to share databases with other designers on the team, hence reducing development time and energy waste. This functionality distinguishes Laravel from the competition.
5. MVC Support:
MVC support is another feature that distinguishes Laravel as the ideal PHP environment for developing web applications.

Is there a Dedicated Project Manager to Supervise the Laravel Developers?

If you hire a team of larval developers with more than 3+ members, our agency can assign Laravel project manager or team lead with 8+ years of experience, to supervise the remote Laravel developers and support them in solving any challenge they face during the working hours. Project Manager can be your one point of contact during the project execution.

Can I replace my Laravel Developer in case I am not satisfied?

98% of clients are satisfied and happy to work with our remote Laravel developers . We have 100% replacement policy within 48 hours timeframe in case you are not happy with current developer and the project progress. We will assign a new Laravel programmer of your choice with same level of experience at no extra cost. Our Laravel experts will make sure to match your expectations with project completion and delivery on time.

What Project Development life cycle does your Laravel Programmers follow?

The 5 stages of the Laravel Development Life Cycle is:
1. Initiating
The planning process makes it easier to visualize what you want to achieve. This is where the project is finalized by client, where the project's initial scope is determined, and where stakeholders are selected.
2. Planning
Project management is critically dependent on this procedure. While it may appear as though the project activity cycle (or project life cycle) only encompasses the many steps of project implementation, the project process is essential in understanding these steps.
3. Executing
The implementation phase of the project activity cycle is also known as the implementation phase, in which the plan designed in the previous phase of the project activity cycle is put into action. Project objectives are to be brought about with the project's anticipated results being realized during the execution phase of the project activity cycle.
4. Monitoring and Control
This process is in charge of overseeing all tasks and metrics involved in assuring that the project specified and approved by all parties and involved, will occur on schedule, within budget, and stay within scope so that the project advances with minimal risk.

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