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WordPress Vs Magento Which is best for Online Store?

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WordPress Vs Magento, are you looking for best online Store for website development?? You may be feeling a little bit devastated with the wide range of options that are available to flourish your business as if you are presently operating a website, and looking to incorporate some e-commerce functionalities into it. Are you planning to hire magento development company India In this section, we are going to accentuate some of the pros and cons of the two most popular solutions – Magento and WordPress- to facilitate you opt better decision for your business.If you have some experience working with WordPress, Magento’s intricacy may seem quite appalling comparatively, so this article will also give you some tips on how to use Magento faultlessly.

WordPress Vs. Magento – The Resemblance

At a very high level it seems both are similar but have a difference when we learn more about it. Both of them are can be used to develop website based on theme, and have a strong online support community, customizable and SEO friendly. They both resemble one and other by following point of views- essentially content management systems, allowing you to add, modify, and manage your contents in the most simplified yet effective way possible. However, they are distinct on the basis of their core purpose, as WordPress is more content oriented and Magento is devoted exclusively to eCommerce.

WordPress Vs Magento, which is Better

WordPress is a content management system and an open source blogging platform. Over the 60 million websites, including 17% of total websites, are run on WordPress. Even eBay a website, which owned by Magento, use WordPress for their blogs. In addition to being very user-friendly, it is also well-known for providing an easy-to-embed plug-in architecture and template customization. The basic e-commerce functionality in WordPress can be attained through various third-party plug-ins, such as the popular Woo Commerce plugin, Easy digital downloads plugin, Akismet and much more.

Magento Vs WordPress Why choose one?

Also like WordPress, Magento is based on an open source technology. It is an e-commerce platform with many zealous e-commerce features that have been proved reliable by over 150,000 online store owners, comprising varieties of the world’s marked brands, ranging from small businesses to large multinational corporations.
Magento offers a high-level of customization and functionality that furnish users with the flexibility to set up online stores according to their business concerns, and providing rich features like multi-store management, vendor management, search engine optimization, generating sales reports, mobile commerce, marketing and other vital management tools, managing complex pages, menus, and version control very much like WordPress. Furthermore, Magento is more robust and reliable than WordPress third-party plugin

If you concluded that using Magento is fit for your business, first of all what to do is go to Magento.com and select your Magento edition:

The Enterprise Edition is a paid, tailor made solution that renders higher performance and scale-ability for fast-growing and extensive businesses. It further grants you the approach to expert support as well as hundreds of extensions and peculiarities that you can practice to control your store and ordinarily give you more power over your website.
The Community Edition is accessible for free download and is further directed at developers who understand their way throughout Magento or alternatively for small businesses who wish to appoint a developer on their personal side. This version of Magento is an open source solution and provides you access to community support, as well as all basic Magento functions, like user groups, adding product categories, coupons etc. Adding to this, you’d also be handy to use great features that are unparalleled to Magento, like multi stores, Related products, Up-sells and Cross-sells.

Recognize Your Website’s Determination

Picking one amid both chiefly depends on your website’s goal. If you’ve arrived as far as reading this column, then presumably you are seeming to formulate an eCommerce venture, though what sort of activity would you prefer to purvey for on your online emporium? Some options may incorporate:

Fixing a Multi-vendor Marketplace– This is the class of intricate solutions that where you’re better of with Magento. While some solutions also endure on WordPress, they are far away from accurate, and cannot contend with the robustness that Magento has to allow.
Selling implicit products– Since implicit products do not demand any compact shipping arrangements, accompanying and pursuing of orders, they can readily be executed with WordPress practicing Easy Digital Downloads or Woo Commerce.

Endeavoring company services– This can be performed with both platforms, neither of which is entirely straightforward when united with a shopping cart solution. Whereas Magento has built in convenience for this type of activity in its product types, including WordPress you will require using supplementary plugins such as WP events (for scheduling meetings), wp contact form (for building complex questioners for your clients) and extra modules, depending on whatever specifically you want to obtain.
Trading physical products– Again, this is something that can be made on both platforms and in multiple ways. The last question should be how many products you hope to be selling. If your statement is over 500 products, you should reasonably go with Magento.

As you can see, there is neither one-size-fits-all answer, and though Magento’s functionality is positively more fit for e-commerce, it also needs a lot deeper knowledge, abilities and money to control than WordPress. It is also worth stating that the functionality of the WordPress e-commerce plug-ins is orthodox. If you would need to blend various shipping options, theme customization, module development varied payment gateways or multi store languages, WordPress may not be able to purvey for all those essentials. In the Magento Admin Panel, on the either side, you will notice a major element of it is allocated to e-commerce capabilities, and not so much for content marketing.

Here Are Some Issues Worth Asking:Wordpress Vs Magento?

Does your online store has more than 1000 products to manage?
Do you need to set up multi-vendor market place?
Do you need to integrate with other POS?
Are you have plans to drive massive traffic to your website ?

If your answer is yes to all than you should look no further, get Magento.
Do you have small budget and less products to manage?
Do you desire to have your store instantly above the ground?
Do you require less customization with theme?
Do you need blog to update regularly?
If your answer is yes to all than you should look no further, get Magento.

Variations in Development: WordPress VS Magento

As promptly as you enter in development, the differentiation between WordPress and Magento will convert very manifest. If you have earlier worked on WordPress, Magento may seem intricate to learn because of the differences in terminology and applications. Though, studying Magento could be clearer if you estimate out the connections between both of the platforms, after all, both of these are content management systems.

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