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Why Laravel Is Good for Web App Development

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Laravel is a open source framework for web development and it works on MVC architecture. Laravel is a best PHP framework for developing an effective web application. Laravel framework provides a set of tools which are fully featured and helps to build an effective website. By the help of MVC architecture, it is easier to develop large scale web application. It incorporates many of the racy features of laravel framework like Codeigniter, ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, and others

Laravel has many good features which helps you to make a web application effectively. They are:
• Modularity
• Testability
• Routing
• Management configuration
• Query builder and Object Relational Mapper
• Schema builder, migrations, and seeding
• Template engine
• E-mailing
• Authentication
• Queues
• Event and command bus

Each person has like to write a clean and reusable code for smoothly development of project. For this, the framework is the best option. Therefore, Laravel is highly used in the development of web applications by the developers because it is easy and used to get results quikly. The laravel framework is best framework for developing an effective web project. Laravel is said to be a best framework because it is based on PHP so it is easy to use and it gives best results.

There are some reasons to use laravel framework for developing web application:
• Excellent Documentation
It has simple docs in which the code are readable and understandable. Its make things simpler and code is organized that an average programmer can easily consume.
• Modular
It is developed on more than twenty distinctive object oriented libraries.

• Secure
It provides high security that is it never saves the password in Database in a plain text.

• Built-in-Tools
Laravel provides many in-built tools or resources which are not easily available in PHP framework. These are Routing, Caching, verification etc.

• Based on MVC architecture
Laravel follows Model, View, Controller Architecture i.e., it separate the presentation logic and business logic by which the development process becomes easy. It is very good for large scale development.

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