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SEO for Magento Ecommerce Site: Best 10 Tricks, 2017

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Are you finding difficult to learn SEO for Magento Ecommerce Site.This post will help you with best 10 tricks you can practice. All eCommerce websites rely on a steady bulk of traffic to keep their website “on the map”, Live and defend them sales. Essentially, the most requisite knowledge about eCommerce SEO is the highest ranking in Google that drives at increasing the traffic as this will affect your eCommerce sales confidently. In this article we will learn how to perform SEO for Magento Ecommerce Site in Best Possible 10 Ways.

Whenever you are utilizing Magento as a content management system on your website and seeking to draw youthful customers at your web store then this post can assist you to optimize your Magento site with SEO. Before proceeding further, you should apprehend the professional development of this content management system. It is an open source web content management system, which is perfect to design online shopping stores. It accommodates various peculiarities like social media integration, search engine friendly web architecture, and PHP-based architecture for customization. Since you can read further suggested tips and execute on your website to draw customers to your store.

Tips to lead customers to your site and Improve SEO for Magento Ecommerce Site

1. Find Your Technical Challenges– At first, you should work on fixing the technical problems of your website. For instance, your website should not have dead links, improperly structured URLs, and unreadable URLs. Furthermore, you should not utilize specific keywords at every page of your website. The title and Meta tag should be utilized intelligently to carry actual visitors on your web pages. Technically, Magento implements the option of ‘custom page’. Hence, you can draw your customers on specific web pages.

2. Win Trust of Google– You should try to win the love of Google. In a statement, the spokesperson of Google has bestowed an idea that Google loves the sites, which add value to world wide web with intellectual contents. Consequently, you should try to write & issue data-driven contents via your website & blog. It will assist you in seizing the concrete attraction of Google robots. Therefore, you should try to publish original and inventive info graphics, textual articles, images, and PowerPoint presentations.

3. Focus on Keyword Rich URL– Magento provides you the feature of creating human readable URLs. The human-readable contents can be selected long before loading of the page. Accordingly, Google spiders and human online visitors favor clicking on links with human readable URLs. You simply require installing a plugin to initiate this feature in your website. In case, if you do not know this plugin over the web then you can take services of an experienced Magento programmer to build custom plugin for your website.

4. Expertise Social Media Skills– Basically, 78% of total online customers are happy social media users. They adopt experience social networking sites before including their capital in virtual mediums. Hence, you can understand the significance of promotion at these portals. You merely require connecting your site with these portals. After integration, you should hold your social media handles working with interesting contests. It will lead high volume traffic to your fan page.

5. Give Response To Your Visitors– Whilst aiming online customers at social media portals, you should be available to give the acknowledgment to your social media followers to their inquiries. Your prompt response will enhance your social media fan following remarkably.

6. Be Regular In Social Media Postings– Staying consistent is essential for maintaining the universality of your social media fan pages. Hence, you should renew or update your pages for at least three to five times a day.

7. HTML Structure of Magento Site: All the title tag, alt tag, H1, H2 heading tag, categories and description should be clear and should not be deep inside the data base structure. Give importance to file structure and make is easily accessible to Google bolts to get better indexing. URL should not be dynamically generated, and should avoid special characters as much as possible in URL. Pages should have clear HTML , with w3 validations. Site maps should be regularly updated and make it generate automatically. Also give equal importance to meta description of the sites like meta content. Meta keywords are no longer a quality signal for Google bolts.

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8. Relevance of Your Magento Page: Pages should be relevant to the title and additional pages should be created to keep the relevancy of the site high. This can be done through “content block” in Magneto Admin Panel. Product description should not contain redundant and irrelevant words. Choice of the right keywords is, of course, essential and this can be achieved using Google Keyword planner.

9. Navigation: Navigation of the Magento Website should be smooth and user friendly. Breadcrumbs should be used . This will help google bolts to index the content in best possible way. Deep pages should not have more than 3 clicks to reach. Page structure and file structure should be given utmost importance. It is a good practice to have site map of navigation so the that helps Google Crawlers to easily reach your content and index the content.

10. Page Rank : Page Rank decides how your page gets ranked for a particular keywords. Every Page has a Google Page Rank from 1 to 10. Higher the page rank, better the probability of your keyword getting the right ranking. This is can achieved through getting the quality backlinks and users linking back to your website. You can check the backlinks to your website pages through Google Webmaster Tools.


By pursuing these actions, you will be capable of boosting the reputation of your website and bring more traffic to your Magento Ecommerce site through this 10 SEO Techniques. This article on SEO for Magento Ecommerce Site will help you to drive traffic and get more users to web pages. During employing these suggestions there will positively increase in the traffic on your Magento website, it is also essential to Hire Magento Developer who is reputed and skilled from a Magento Development Company with expert SEO team as well. You can contact Sanjay Mark at mark.sanjay@webdevelopmentindia.biz for any help.


Sanjay Ballav is Director and loves to share and write on latest technology trends on opens source. He has rich experience of working in ecommerce domain. Has constantly been involved with startup fraternity and nurturing their ideas with help of technology

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