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Opencart Vs Shopify? Which is Better for Ecommerce Web Development

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Opencart vs Shopify ? Both are better for Ecommerce Website development which provide good features list.It depends on the requirement which platform to select. Both Opencart vs Shopify are open source and easy to use. Lots of ready made themes are available in market which can be customized as per the user need with minimum knowledge of coding.

If you are looking forward to compare opencart vs Shopify than you can study the blog, where we have listed all features each platform gives and reason why you should consider it for your next website application development.
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Opencart Vs Shopify? Which is Better for Ecommerce Website Development.

Opencart is an free open-source shopping cart solution built on PHP or MySQL code that provides extreme easiness and powerful range of features. OpenCart is very easy to customize and we can easily amend the look of OpenCart e-shop with greater effectiveness . It’s developed by keeping in mind that the end user is having limited knowledge of internet and are just looking to start. If you are looking forward to contact Opencart Development Company than you can contact us for any development work.

Opencart Features and why it is better for Ecommerce Website Development

• Open Source
• Free Documentation
• Automatic Image Resize
• Unlimited Categories
• Multi Currency
• Multi Language
• Product Reviews
• Product Ratings
• Unlimited Products
• Unlimited Manufacturers
• 8+ Shipping Methods
• 20+ Payment Gateways

Advantages of OpenCart as compared to Shopify

• Opencart has large numbers of plugins availability.
• OpenCart is based on MVC and XHTML language
• Programmers for any amendment can be found easily.
• Opencart has a good efficiency as well as server resources facility.
• The Admin panel of open cart is good enough for learners.
• OpenCart is prominent in so many categories i.e Lottery, Computer Hardware, Chemistry, Crime & Prosecution etc.
• OpenCart is leading in many countries i.e Somalia, Northern Mariana, Tonga, Tajikistan, Islands and many more.
• Simple online store setup method
• Flawless performance & enhanced usability
• Safe & secure e-commerce solution
• Selection from myriads of extensions
• Cost effective website development

Disadvantages of OpenCart as compared to Shopify

• Opencart functionalities is not too good such as Magento or other E-commerce platforms.
• While updating, too many errors can be found, Paid plugins can even cause error while updating the same.
• Open Cart is an optimized version as compare to other e-commerce platforms.
• CSS and JavaScript may cause frustration for non-programmers.

Why OpenCart ? and how it is better than shopify

OpenCart is flexible solution that fulfills all the challenging eCommerce requirements. Opencart solution is packed with wide-ranging features and it makes this shopping cart solution as a leading eCommerce solution. enormous online stores can make their checkout procedure very effective for their customers with high profit margins. It is an advanced shopping cart technology which takes care of the challenging requirements of modern customers as well.

Should we use OpenCart? and why better than shopify

If we have our own a small or a medium sized eCommerce business and seeking a cost effective solution and we also need to fulfill our requirements i.e flexibility, security, great performance etc. then defiantly OpenCart is only the shopping cart solution which can suit our requirement.

What is Shopify ?

Shopify is an online shopping cart platform that offers a ready-to-use hosted solution with number of amazing features, 100+ design and templates which enable to build and operate online stores and sell products. There are other features i.e blogging platform, add-on apps that helps to manage everything from shipping, tracking and inventory to links and many more. Shopify also run automated tax rate calculations, which many of the other shopping carts don’t offer this feature.

Shopify Features as compared to Opencart

• 100+ professional themes
• Free SSL certificate
• Customize and Branding of online store
• Web-based website builder
• Full blogging platform
• Mobile commerce ready
• Your own domain name
• Accept credit cards with Shopify
• 70 payment gateways
• Email templates
• Drop shipping
• Refunds
• Automatic carrier shipping rates
• Marketing & SEO
• Web hosting
• Analytics
• Shopify Mobile
• Flexible shipping rates
• Automatic taxes
• Multiple languages
• Customer profiles, accounts & groups
• Order fulfillment
• 24/7 support
• Easy to use for non-programmers.

Advantages of Shopify as compared to Opencart

• Shopify offers an inbuilt hosting service.
• It’s very friendly to SEO as well as its users.
• Supports directory of wholesale and drop ship.
• There are multiple themes and plugins are available on Shopify it provides the website a new look whenever you wants.
• Shopify has great usage coverage in website categories i.e. Business & Industry, Shopping,Clothing,Entertainment and 221 other categories.
• More than 70 payment gateways.
• All-time community support for its customers.
• Shopify is leading in utmost countries i.e. United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada and 183 other countries.
• Customized & reliable eCommerce website designs
• Shopify is simple and easy to use for anyone.
• Shopify E-commerce solution is Trustworthy & robust in nature.
Disadvantages of Shopify
• Shopify is very expensive as compare to other E-commerce platforms as well as hosting service is also not free in Shopify, we have to pay extra for the same.
• Shopify has higher transaction fees/ charges as compare to other e-commerce platforms.
• Plug in & Themes are only available in a limited extent and most of the plugins are very expensive as compare to other E-commerce platform i.e Magento, woo commerce, etc.

Why Shopify?

Shopify is the foremost shopping cart E-commerce solution that has been accepted worldwide to make the shopping process easy, simple and effective. Shopify are having excellent and immense features and they also implement and customize it as per the requirements. due to this excessive features Shopify has become one of the best choice of the website development enterprises.

Should We use Shopify?

If we have our own an E-Commerce business that requires a multifunctional shopping cart solution which resolves all the technical problems instantly then Shopify will be the best shopping cart solution for the business as only shopify can provide the best technical support instantly and makes E-Commerce store work effortlessly.
Shopify vs OpenCart – Finest E-Commerce Platform

When we talk about the best E-commerce platform between Shopify & Opecart then the best E-commerce platform is Shopify is expensive as compared to Opencart but the numerous features offered by Shopify is really commendable.

Opencart Vs Shopify? Which is Better for Ecommerce Web Development

Generally, Opencart is not much used by the e-commerce websites creators so, the integration system in open cart is not available right now but if we talk about Shopify ,in future Shopify can allow its users to integrate itself with any further platform too like a WordPress plugin etc.
Shopify vs Opencart -Price

If we talk about the price then definitely Shopify is expensive as compared to Opencart. Shopify is costly but we will positively get the advantage of paying higher cost through Shopify.
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