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Magento Mobile App for Ecommerce Development

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Magento Mobile App Development

Are you looking for Magento Mobile App for Ecommerce Development? With our expert magento developers we can help you to achieve your business goal. Magento has got wide acceptance for years, so none of these other solutions is capturing the essence at the origin. Throughout many years, Magento has become synonymous to e-commerce and it has the undeniable effect on several verticals of the e-shopping arena. Statistics previously display that Magento-the e-commerce platform is a route onward of other platforms with the market share of 26 percent. This absolutely addresses the volume of its wide acceptance among e-commerce retailers across the globe. Furthermore, with global e-commerce sales presently going to transcend the mark of 3.5 trillion dollars by 2020 as stated by research firm eMarketer, Magento has risen as the sunshine in the lives of both well-established and hopeful upcoming-commerce retailers.

How to Develop Magento Mobile App in Android

1) Magento has 2 API’s to develop your mobile app in Android

2) If you want to use XML-RPC API, you will have to download it’s library and consume it in your project development.

3) You also need to create New User in Magento Store with roles, which you can do by using Admin module login and the steps you can follow as System->WebServices->User && Roles…You will first have to create users and assign roles to the users as per the project need.

4) You have to use the UserName and APIKey that you give in the Magento Store for calling the login Function.

5) Get session ID by calling Login Function , save that session ID store and consume it in your further calls.

Can Read more Details at Magento Resource

How Magento Mobile App Features that can help you:

• Include powerful mobile marketing features
• Robust Data transfer to Mobiel App too
• Enable users to shop online
• Unlimited device and multiple store features
• Magento mobile app help you to acquire new customers from the mageto mobile apps market.
• Easily deploy Magento store on mobile devices and integrate all necessary features to help your potential mobile users to seamlessly complete online transaction

Magento Mobile App features for Ecommerce Development

Magento has advanced ahead standards in the e-commerce world and now is all set to formulate undulate in the m-commerce field also. As the whole globe is going mobile and customers are browsing sites in numerous volume via their mobile devices, organizations are fostering those technologies which can create their sites compatible with a small sized screen. More interestingly, online store proprietors are the first ones to interpret their sites friendly for handheld devices. Taking an idea from this turnabout, the community has launched its mobile version, called Magento Mobile, which comes loaded with heavy features that can benefit store owners in getting their e-shops prepared for m-commerce. The emergence in acceptance of the mobile, however, today’s tech-savvy users utilize several devices to reach the equivalent e-commerce store. They may, for occurrence, determine a stock of their tablet, adopt the smartphone to comprehend for further information when progressing to the office, and ultimately terminate the transaction from the office desktop.

Let’s have a closer glimpse at some tempting features of the Magento Mobile which will facilitate online merchants an upper hand in the trend of mobile e-commerce.

Upgraded Optimization Tools:

Magento Mobile is very helpful in simply optimizing your content for mobile devices. This implies you can change the size of the snapshot of your products, enhance the design of your store and work on upgrading its grace. Furthermore, you can formulate a beneficial navigation and menu and catalog display system which is anticipated for mobile viewers.

Wide Compilation of Native Apps:

The native apps for OS like Android and iOS are supported by the mobile version. This authorizes online retailers to earn full benefits of the disparted attribute of these OS, incorporating touch and motion sensation. By utilizing these features and optimizing the store design according to this only, online merchants are in a position of contributing improved and advanced UI.

Synergistic Application Interface:

The application interface of this platform is extremely interactive and interesting and grants masters to prolong evenness between their web store and mobile application. They can customize their store as per the business requirements and execute the entire command across the images and content they place within.

An assemblage of Merchandising Tools:

Magento Mobile does not merely manage the optimization of your online store but it also takes care of your merchandising despondency. It incorporates a list of merchandising tools which authorize you to deliver a better user experience (UX) on your mobile shop. You can incorporate banners and themes in your site and your users can write their reviews and comments, which helps in a productivity of overall UX.

Magento mobile app development services in demand:

• E-commerce Applications
• Business Applications
• Social Networking
• Entertainment Applications
• Travel Applications
• Healthcare Applications
• Utilities Applications
• Education Applications
• Lifestyle Applications

If you want to start your magento app for ecommerce store and looking for Magento development company or want to hire magento developer drop your mail at mark.sanjay@webdevelopmentindia.biz.


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