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Magento 2 Features List Open Source

Magento2 features

Magento 2 Features List

Magento 2 is an open source content management system (CMS). Which gives businessman the opportunity to expand their business to the digital world. In simple words, Its powerful CMS with flexible, scalable and easily customizable features. In the Current scenario, Magento has two versions. One is the Magento Community and the other one is Magento Enterprise. The community version of Magento is totally free but the Magento enterprise is the paid and premium system and it’s very costly. We must say the overall performance of Magento is very impressive with its amazing features.

Tech persons always says that Magento is the undisputed king of Ecommerce platforms and the Magento 2 prove that with their updated features. We all know there are more than a million online vendors uses of Magento platform to build their online e-commerce store and this number growing very quickly.

Today we are going to discuss about

Magento 2 features

. So, here are some special function of Magento 2 –
Enterprises Edition Feature –

This is a new and exciting

Feature of Magento 2 Enterprises Edition

. Which is providing great deals of product and store marketing.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Magento 2 is very friendly towards their users. It permits many advertisers to promote or endorse their product on it as well as it makes easy to connect with others.
Braintree Hosted Fields –
Magento 2 gives you a permission for executing braintree fields to collect all the important data without any loss. As well as user can use its PCI DSS level with conversation rates and control over checkouts.
Content staging and preview options –
• Easy to Handle new content.
• Remove contradiction and work more faster.
• Scheduling and preview functions are much easier.
• Simple Search Information

Touch Friendly Interface

Magento 2 has a touch-friendly interface. Which allow to user to customize drag and drop function in the interface. Its managerial functionality is much easier and faster for retailers. They can customize their Online website anytime anywhere.
Inner support –
• Magento 2 support latest PHP versions
• HTML, CSS and JQuery support system.
• Easy migration
• Front end gets new features.
• Backend admin panel UX.

SEO purpose

Magento 2 gives a permission to make search engine optimization more easy for an online store. As well as it is easy to generate meta tag information and google sitemaps.

Enhance checkout

Magento 2 has an easy and fewer step to checking out. It gives more flexibility for the customer to make a payment. With the help of this feature user can easily get the buyer’s information in simple steps.

Security issues

• Keep personal data relevant
• Exporting data to the relevant customer
• Disable or enable functionality of the extension
• Report system
• Past inquiry list

Performance enhancement

In the old version of Magento performance and speed is a big issue for anyone But in the latest version of Magento speed 20% faster as compared to old version. Speed enhancement increases the performance of Magento’s new version.
Improve Scalability –
• Improved indexers
• Varnish Cache files.
• Its toolkit optimization system performance.
• Reduce server loading time
• Speed up page loading speed
• Accessible

Under the Hood

If we compare Magento 1.9 and Magento 2. There are several differences between them –
1. Magento 1.9 –
• Sass/Compass
• jQuery in rwd package only
• Prototype JavaScript library in core.
• Additional JavaScript libraries.
2. Magento 2 –
• MySQL 5.6
• PSR Compliance
• CSS preprocessor
• Full page caching
• Apache 2.2 or later
• CSS3
• RequireJS
• Magento UI library
• Install needed components via Composer
• PHP 5.5 is a minimum requirement

New layout elements

Magento 2 have more functional layouts and visual design editor organizing a block is now easier. User can move the blocks and define a section layout according to their need.

Improve admin panel

With the help of Magento 2 you can reduce a time to manage an eCommerce store as well as it may allow store admin to easily sort all the products according to needs and deeds. Apart from it making changes is also very easy and quick when you are using Magento 2.

Magento 2 platform capabilities

• Modern tech
• Quality testing and higher code
• Framework improvement
• Quarterly platform updates
• Elastic search
• Easier Installation & upgrades
• Flexible for non- technical user
• External Integration
• Great UX
• Smoother and easier checkout

I hope this article on

Magento 2 Features

gives you in-depth insight into this powerful CMS.We at Web Development India, top Magento Development COmpany India have a highly skilled in-house team of Magento Developers who can work over transforming your ideas into virtual reality. If you are interested and get more insights into the Magento development of any type. feel free to get in touch with us.


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