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Why Laravel Is Best PHP Framework for Web Application ?

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Laravel is a really best PHP framework for Web Application in 2017, and is in demand because of fast development speed, extension ability & quick institution. Laravel tricks website built on Laravel, the way it should be! Something one should go for definitely. Laravel is one of the popular PHP framework which has proven itself as superior over other platforms. We tell you why Laravel is good for large scale framework by describing the distinguish features of laravel:

Blade templating engine:
Blade provides a set of control structures such as conditional statements and loops, which are then internally mapped to the PHP counterparts. It combines one or more templates with a data model to produce resulting views, It does that by transpiling the templates into cached PHP code for improved performance. Laravel services may be called from Blade templates, and the templating engine can be extended with custom directives.

Unit testing:
Unit tests can be run through the provided artisan command-line utility. Unit testing is provided as an integral part of Laravel. Unit testing itself contains unit tests that detect & prevent regressions in the framework.

Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapping):
It is an advanced PHP implementation of the active record pattern, providing internal methods for enforcing constraints on the relationships between database objects. Following the active record pattern, Eloquent ORM presents database tables as the classes, with their object instances tied to the single table rows.

Laravel Development Company

It provides a modular packaging system after the release of Laravel 3, with bundled features which already available for an easy addition to applications. Furthermore, Laravel 4 uses Composer as the main dependency manager to add some framework-agnostic and the Laravel-specific PHP packages available from the Packagist repository.

Application logic:
It is the integral part of developed applications. Application logic is implemented either by using controllers or as part of the route declarations. The syntax used to define the application logic is similar to the one used by Sinatra framework.

Form request:
Form request is a feature of Laravel that serves as a base for form input validation by internally binding event listeners, which then results in automated invoking of the form validation methods and generation of the actual form.

Reverse routing:

Reverse routing defines the relationship between the links and routes, making it possible to make changes later to the routes to be automatically propagated into the relevant links. When the links are created by using names of existing routes, Laravel creates the appropriate uniform resource identifiers (URIs) automatically.

Restful controllers:

They provide an optional way for separating the logic behind serving HTTP/PHP GET and POST requests.


Migrations provide an attractive version control system for the database schemas, making it possible to execute changes in the application’s codebase and make required changes in the database layout. Therefore, by its result, this feature simplifies the deployment and updating of Laravel-based applications.

Class auto loading:

This provides automated loading of the PHP classes without the need for manual maintenance of inclusion paths. On-demand loading prevents the inclusion of unnecessary components. So, then only the actually used components are loaded eliminating unnecessary components.

View composers:

View composers serve as the customizable logical code units that can be executed when a view is loaded.

Query builder:
It is available since Laravel 4, and It provides more direct database access alternative to the Eloquent ORM. Instead of requiring SQL query to be written directly, Laravel’s query builder provides some sets of classes and methods capable and efficient in building queries programmatically. It allows selectable caching of the results of the executed queries.

Automatic pagination:

It simplifies the task of implementing pagination. Automatic pagination replaces the usual manual implementation approaches and uses automated methods integrated into Laravel.

IoC containers:

Inversion of Control (IoC) containers make it possible for new objects to be generated by following the inversion of control principle. In which the framework calls into the application or task-specific code, with the optional instantiating and referencing of new objects as singletons.

Database seeding:

It provides a way to populate database tables with the selected default data that can be used for the application testing or be performed as part of the initial application setup.

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    By using MVC concepts, Laravel provides a set of tools which are fully featured and helps to develop effective web applications. An easy way to create large scale apps and incorporates many of the rich features of this framework such as Codeigniter, ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, and much more.

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