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10 Resons Why To Choose Laravel As Compared To Codelgniter

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Laravel Vs Codeigniter

Being a programmer in PHP has never been easier. Php is a server side scripting language which is used to create dynamic web pages, it is a recursive acronym of php hypertext pre-processor. Nowadays if you would like to work with PHP you have to select the correct framework, this means that it has to content:

An active developmentIt assure you security corrections and improvement solutions, etc.

An active communityYou are going to use it when you do not know how to do something.

Good documentationIt could be the finest framework of the world, but if nobody knows how to use it, it doesn’t count.

Why choose Laravel instead of CodeIgniter.?

  1. Laravel is easy to use as compared to codelgniter:-

CodeIgniter offers easiness,let us take an example after reading its documentation in a day and facing project needs and install CodeIgniter you find an empty folder by default asking yourself: now what?, If you are skilful developer, you can build a sub-framework or install plugins, over CodeIgniter in order to replace its shortage, but if you are not an expert, codelgniter is very complicated to use.

  1. Modern framework:-

Laravel is a much modern framework as compared to codelgniter. It seem to me that codelgniter is stucks in the past and ageing fast. For example, Laravel has many features like migrations, eloquent models/relationships, a very easy file management system, useful event handlers and test driven development processes. codelgniter isn’t even including the extensive list of plugins that it has at your disposal.

  1. Most prominent framework:-

Laravel  is the most prominent framework to date because of its cool OOP Architecture. And now it’s the famous one as you can scale it in any sense, as long as you comply to best coding ethics. Repository, IoC, Factory, Builder,Facade,Service Locator even Singleton is used here which is wowsome. It’s not so quick but better coding and better use of queue, cache can make it quicker. On the other hands, Codeigniter is not so scalable for its CI God object. But in OOP we can do many things feasible with better structure of our App.

  1. Helps in building robust application:-

Laravel provides developers to build robust web application using the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. So the developers can build large and complex websites quickly by keeping the user interface and business logic separate. Laravel further comes with a devoted dependency manager, database agnostic schema builder,expressive syntax, advanced ORM, efficient query building, simplifies routing and simple authentication. Thus, the advantages and utilities provided by Laravel make it easier for developers to build, deploy and maintain a variety of web applications.

  1. Follow better standards for development:-

Laravel do each and everything it can  follow standards, and use the one of the best tools available, like symfony and composer. Also in my previous knowledge I find Laravel to be a much cleaner framework to use, though I do agree it can be a little bloated, but you can tweak it to improve performance if you really need to and with php 7 and HHVM you can make it lightning fast.Lastly, Laravel makes it easy for you to develop. They have released a package for Vagrant called Homestead that lets you develop locally really easily. Obviously though if you use a PHP7 version of the package, you should find a PHP7 host and some hosts will even be Laravel ready.

  1. Expressive syntax:-

It is known fact that, for web application development, Laravel  offers expressive, neat syntax. Such has been its design. The laravel developer will love the development process.authentication, Routing,sessions  are some tasks, which are commonly created and are made easier,  thanks to Laravel. Importantly, this framework is created for the PHP’s latest version.  Therefore,it’s support unit testing and authentication, which are the base  development components are fixed. It is commendable that Laravel  framework bend with the blade template engine in a polish manner.

  1. Offers wide spectrum:-

laravel is one of the credible platforms by the companies. Many framework development companies wish to go with Laravel platform as it offers a vast spectrum of web development solutions in template, theme design, custom development and much more.

  1. Built-in Authentication:-

One could not issue login option to users using Codeigniter language. You could only verify or authorize users using CI extensions. But, Laravel has a wonderful built-in authentication class.By Using these extensible and customizable features, you can easily bestow login option to your users. Moreover, one added feature is that you can also protect your routes from the users with the help of filters.

  1. Modular Packaging System:-

In CI, There was no modular split by default. You could not keep your code in separate modules, thus it was very cumbersome to reuse the same existing code. Laravel has a modular wrapping system built in with the help of “bundles”. Bundles provides easy addition to the application, thus it becomes very easy to add/drop the code across applications.

  1. Creating Namespaces:-

Although codeigniter had no concept of namespaces , the problem could be excluded via usage of prefix or suffix class. But Laravel issue you to apply namespace to your code.Using namespace improves the autoload speed drastically. And minor the response time, better the functionality.  The pointer would load the first class that it finds with the same name. So, applying the singleton access the second class would automatically break. Laravel built-in PHP 5.3 version allows applying namespace to your code.

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