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Looking out for an easy way to create your own website or publish your blog?

What if you don’t have any web development experience, DON’T PANIC!

Perhaps, Word Press is the correct web development tool you need!

Let us know, what makes WORD PRESS so captivating and substantial.


Word Press, with an open source system enables the users, be it beginners or professionals;Lets Learn the benefits of wordpress for Website Development,not only in blogging but also to build a flexible content management system and create a multiple featured and informative website using just a web browser.
Word Press, released in 2003 is been considered the most powerful web publishing software of today. It has spread of over 70 million websites.
What makes it interesting and consistently desirable tool for the users?
There are hundreds of minds around the world rigorously creating and enhancing the code for the Word Press software. Word press equips the users by providing plugins, widgets, and themes to make the desired website meeting their imaginations as well as needs.

So, if you are thinking to create a website or blog, here are 10 benefits of word press for website development making it the most demanding tool.


Word Press is cost effective:

Word Press is completely free and this advent of such remarkable free internet and readily available publishing tool is required by the maximum chunk.


Update when you want:

Yes, you can move with the world!
Word Press is constantly upgrading like any other good software as because multiple web developing minds are working behind it. One will have not to struggle to keep their product or service updated, since there is no dependency on internal developers. One can have the full control on own website.


It is SEO Friendly:

The content is optimized for search engines which is critical to site’s visibility and online success.


PPC for WordPress :

Online direct marketing through PPC campaigns while using the keywords related searches fairly exposes the strength of target visitors.


Good copy writing or SEO contents ensures more visitors enabling the top ranking by search engines.


Social Media in Wordprerss:

Word Press Design allows you to get connected with the social media platform which is a great source of online marketing, done through using easy to use widgets ad themes.


Community Builder in WordPress:

Word press gives a platform to build network of fabulous users with technical and non-technical minds who actively work to exchange the development ideas of web enhancing the reach and promoting its utility.


An easy to use software:

Word Press designing is easy for a non-technical hand and can even be re-constructed once made by professional web developer too.

100% Customizable with wordpress:

Word Press enables you to design your creation the way you desire providing the platform to meet the specific needs for growing the business.

Multiple Functionality in WordPress:

Word Press allows adding videos, photo galleries, event calendars, twitter feeds by enabling multiple plugins.


How WordPress works?

Ever since the revolution of internet has begun, websites have been created using the basic HTML version of programming language utilizing the instructions known as ‘tags’ to format text, page layouts, images etc. These tags are then interpreted and displayed as the ultimate content, when the web browser reads the language i.e HTML.
But today, we can install as well as use Word Press software script on our own web server without even having knowledge of HTML.Web Development India can help you as a top wordpress development company.


If you are planning to have your own blog or website, you probably have to know in which form?

Word Press has been classified into two major forms, depending upon the user requirements; Word Press.com and Word Press.org.

If your inclination is to host and control your website’s activities, then certainly Web Press.org is the right choice. As it is a self-hosted and unique functional version of Word Press, one can have own domain name, one can upload and install modified themes and plugins, one can have a fully customized site as per the need by designing the websites using the numerous plugins or applying the desirable themes. This multi various features make Web Press.org, most preferred tool in many showcase websites.

WordPress, on the other hand, is a ready made platform which does all of the hosting for you and manages the web server too. This article might help you to learn the 10 benefits of wordpress in website development. Custom made themes or plugins are not possible but it do offer premium upgrades to meet the necessary requirements by providing themes and place to upload videos. If the website has been created for business purpose and the URL reflects the identity with a sub domain name of another hosting website, it brings a bad impression.
Word Press has become the complete blend of customization, functionality, assistance, accessibility and affordability which makes it dominant web development tool of today’s period. Looking to hire WordPress Developer?? Look no further, get in touch with us


Sanjay Ballav is Director and loves to share and write on latest technology trends on opens source. He has rich experience of working in ecommerce domain. Has constantly been involved with startup fraternity and nurturing their ideas with help of technology

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